Manage Email Accounts in DirectAdmin

Posted on December 1st, 2015

In this document, we can check how to manage email accounts from Direct Admin.

1) Login to your Direct Admin Panel.

2) Click ‘E-Mail Accounts’ button from ‘E-Mail Manager’. (Dashboard > E-mail Accounts)

3) Click on ‘Create Account’.

4) Enter the new email account’s details and click ‘Create Account’ button.

5) Now new email account has been created.

6) If you want to delete any email account, select the corresponding email account and click ‘Delete’ button.

7) Same way you can ‘Suspend’ or ‘Unsuspend’ the email accounts by clicking the corresponding buttons.


1) To create forwarders, click the button ‘Forwarder’ from ‘E-Mail Manager (Dashboard > Forwarders)’.

2) Click the button ‘Create new E-Mail Forwarder’.

3) Enter the details and click ‘Create E-Mail Forwarder’ button.

4) New forwarder has been created.

5) If you want to delete the forwarder, select the corresponding forwarder and click the button ‘Delete’.

That is how we can manage email accounts from DirectAdmin.

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[Updated Article with new Directadmin UI]

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  1. Davd Gibson says:

    Errr – No !
    This only tells you how to create and delete email accounts (and use a forwarder). What about the important information ??? WHARE ARE the email files ? How to you copy the data of th email accounts and/or backup the email accounts ? How do you copy all the information to transfer to a new web hosting provider ?????

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