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Posted on July 21st, 2016

AbanteCart is a feature-rich open-source eCommerce software that allows you to create an eCommerce store of your own. AbanteCart powers hundreds of thousands of eCommerce websites on the Internet. It also allows you to import and export data based on requirements. In this short tutorial, we will learn how to Import and Export data from and to your AbanteCart store.

To import and export data in AbanteCart, you need access to the admin panel. So, if you have access to the admin panel right now, Let’s get started with the tutorial to export the data.

Export data in AbanteCart

First of all, Log in to the admin panel of your AbanteCart store. Then, from the left sidebar of the admin panel, click on the System option. To make this process easier to understand, refer to the following screenshot.

Tax class

You will see a sub-menu in which you have to click on the Data option. It will further open a sub-menu that will contain all the options related to data. From those options, click on the Import/Export option just like it is highlighted in the following screenshot.

Import and Export

On this page, you will find two tabs. Click on the Export tab to export the data. Then, select the data you want to export, select the file format, enter the export file name and finally hit the Export button to export the data.

In AbanteCart, you can also select the range of ID that you want to export. For example, if you want to export customers with ID from 0 to 100, Enter the range in the range fields corresponding to customers. You can also sort the data based on your requirements.

Import and Export

So, this is how you can export the data from your AbanteCart store. Now, let us see how to import data in AbanteCart.

Import Data in AbanteCart

Importing data in AbanteCart is even easier. In the Import/Export section, click on the Import tab to import the data. For clarification, see the following screenshot.

6) Select the tab ‘Import’ to import the data.

Now, Select an export file from your computer, select a delimiter that is used to separate the data and check the checkbox given after the delimiter option if you want to run the import in a test mode.

Import and Export

After selecting a file and all the other required information, click on the Import button to finally import data from the file to your AbanteCart store.


So, this is how you can import and export data in AbanteCart. If you have any questions or queries regarding this tutorial, please let us know in the comment section given below. We are happy to help!

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