Manage Keep-Alive settings in WHM

Keep-Alive maintains the connection between client and the server. It is used to prevent the connection from intermittent breaking. For this please follow the below steps.


1) Login to your WHM interface.

2) Select the option ‘Service configuration’.


3) Click on the icon ‘Apache configuration’.


4) Click on ‘Global Configuration’.


5) Select the ‘on or off’ button to change the settings.


6) Click Save.


Keep-Alive: This is used to enable long-lived HTTP sessions. It is used to allow multiple requests over the same TCP connection.

Keep-Alive-Timeout: It defines the number of seconds that Apache waits for a subsequent request before Apache closes a connection.

Max Keep-Alive Requests: This is used to limits the number of requests that a TCP connection can make when you enable the KeepAlive directive.

Timeout: Defines the amount of time (in seconds) that Apache waits for certain events before Apache fails a request.


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