Manage Shell Access from WHM

Posted on April 26th, 2019


The Shell access which is commonly referred to as SSH, we can manage remote server via command line interface if the shell access is enabled. We can enable shell access for every users on the time of creation. If it is disabled we can enable it from the WHM itself, there are two options currently available for doing the same. Also we can only use the SCP( secure copy command ) if the SSH access is enabled. There are three shell available.

1) Normal Shell

2) Jailed Shell

3) Disabled shell

Normal shell will give user full access to the account via command line. There will be no limitations. jailed shell have some limitation, it will prevents the execution of harmful commands. The disabled shell is used to deny the access to the cPanel users.

We can enable shell access for all user  using option apply for all under  the type of shell access which you want to enable. For this, we need to use the option Manage Shell Access. If you only wish to enable shell access to an account only you can use the option modify an account.

Steps to enable/disable shell access using Manage shell Access.

Please refer the below screen shot for better awareness.

1) Login to WHM.

2) Navigate to the menu “Account Functions”.

Shell access


3) Click on the option “Manage Shell Access”.

Shell access


4) You will navigate to the below page where you can enable or disable shell access to all the accounts or you can select the particular users if you wish to enable only for few. Also you can choose the type of shell which you wish to enable.

Shell access


Manage Shell Access through “Modify an account”

1) Navigate to Home >> Account Functions >>Modify an Account.

Shell access


2) You will be redirected to the page which list all the cPanel accounts. Select the user you wish to enable shell access and click on the option “Modify”.

Shell access


3) You will list the menu with all the details, limits and privileges of the accounts. Under the privileges section, you need to select the check box near to the option shell access then click the “Save” button.

Shell access


If you need any further help, please do reach our support department.


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