Manage WHM Service SSL Certificates

In this documentation we can check how to manage certificates for your server’s services.

  1. Login to WHM.
  2. Navigate to Home » Service Configuration.
  3. Click the icon ‘Manage Service SSL Certificates’.



  1. We can use this interface to manage SSL certificates for services other than Apache. Here we can see a list of services, description of the currently assigned certificates and actions which you can perform for each one.




Following are the available options to manage certificates.



Reset a Certificate

This option uninstalls the current certificate of the specified service and replaces it with a new self-signed certificate.  If you want to reset the certificate, click ‘Reset Certificate’ button. Then click ‘Generate a New Certificate’ to generate and automatically install the new certificate.


Certificate Details

This option displays the details of the installed certificate.

Domain -The domain of the service that the certificate secures.

Issuer – Information about the certificate authority that issued the certificate.

Key Size – The size of the key, in bits, that the system used to generate the certificate

Expiration – The date on which the certificate expires.


Apply Certificate to Another Service

We can apply a certificate to multiple services using this option. To apply a certificate to multiple services, click the option ‘Apply Certificate to Another Service’ and select the checkboxes of the services for which you wish to apply this certificate.


Install a New Certificate

This option allows you to install new certificate.

  1. Click the button ‘Browse Certificates’ to use the certificate that already exists in the server. Then cPanel will open a new window, here we can select the username and certificate which you want to use. Click ‘Use Certificate’ to use the certificate, or click ‘Cancel’ to cancel the operation.



  1. Paste the contents of the Certificate file (.crt) into the Certificate text box. Click ‘Autofill by Certificate’ option to search for the appropriate private key and CA bundle from cPanel’s public CA bundle repository.
  2. Paste the contents of the Private Key file (.key) into the Private Key text box.
  3. If you have a CA bundle, paste the contents of that bundle (.cab) into the Certificate Authority Bundle text box.



  1. Click ‘Install’ to install the certificate.



You must restart the cpsrvd daemon each time that you install a new SSL certificate for a service.

That is how we can manage SSL certificate for the services.


If you need any further help, please do reach our support department.