Mass Email Settings in phpBB

By on December 23rd, 2016

In this documentation, we can learn about mass email settings in phpBB. In this section, you can email a message to either all of your users or all users of a specific group having the option to receive mass emails enabled. To achieve this, an email will be sent out to the administrative email address supplied, with a blind carbon copy sent to all recipients. The default setting is to only include 20 recipients in such an email, for more recipients more emails will be sent. If you are emailing a large group of people, please be patient after submitting and do not stop the page halfway through. It is normal for a mass emailing to take a long time, you will be notified when the script has completed.


1) Login to phpBB admin panel.

2) Click on the tab ‘System’.



3) Go to General Tasks >> Mass Emails.



4) Enter the details.



5) Click the button ‘Send Email’.

Mass Email


That is how we can send mass emails in phpBB.


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