Migrate accounts from DirectAdmin to DirectAdmin

Posted on October 26th, 2017

Migrate accounts from DirectAdmin to DirectAdmin


DirectAdmin is a web-hosting control panel with Graphical interface for managing websites on a server. It’s similar to cPanel, that lets you administer your websites and server wide changes easily and its use port 2222. You can manage unlimited websites, email accounts, etc. And also, the DirectAdmin panel has a lot of features like on cPanel.

As we all know how we can migrate site between cPanel server, in this tutorial we will explain about how we can migrate accounts from a DirectAdmin panel to another DirectAdmin panel. This can be achieved by the following steps given below. Here we have two servers, server A and server B. Server A as source server and B as destination server.

Let’s discuss the migration steps between DirectAdmin panels:

1) Login to server A via SSH as root user and edit the line “skip_domains_in_backups=1” in the “directadmin. conf” file located at “/usr/local/directadmin/conf/” directory. If the line doesn’t exist add it as above and save the file. This change in the configuration file will avoid the copying of Home directory while taking the backups through the DirectAdmin panel. We can check the value of the above directive by executing below command.

# grep skip_domains_in_backups /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin. conf

2) After making the changes in server A then access it’s DirectAdmin panel and click on “Admin Backup/Transfer” under “Admin tools”. Select the users you need to migrate from the left list under “Who” and then select “now” to take the backup immediately. By default, currently generated backups are stored on the server A at the location “/home/admin/admin_backups”. Then select “All Data” to copy all the data, such as Domains directory, Subdomains list, FTP accounts, Email Data, etc. And then click on the “submit” button.

Migrate accounts from DirectAdmin to DirectAdmin


3) After the backup generation completed on server A then we need to copy the backups to server B by using “rsync” command in a screen. The below command will copy the backup to server B into the location “/home/admin/admin_backups”.

# rsync -avz –progress -e ssh /home/admin/admin_backups/ root@destination_server_ip:/home/admin/admin_backups/

Replace ‘destination_server_ip’ with the server B IP address.

4) An access DirectAdmin panel of server B. Then select “Admin Backup/Transfer” under “Admin tools”. Then select the backup files located at “/home/admin/admin_backups” and click on “Submit”.

5) When the restoration completes on server B, we need to sync the contents of home folders by executing “rsync” command on the server A like below.

# rsync -avz –progress -e ssh /home/ root@destination_server_ip: /home/


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