Migrate or Clone a WordPress site using MigrateGuru

Posted on March 6th, 2024

Moving a WordPress website can often be a nerve-wracking task, particularly when dealing with plugins that may occasionally falter or introduce new issues. In this guide, I’ll demonstrate how you can seamlessly migrate your website utilizing the MigrateGuru plugin, a free tool renowned for its straightforward and reliable process, irrespective of your hosting provider.

With Migrate Guru, you don’t need to be a tech expert. Just gather some basic server details from your web host, and you’re good to go!

Let’s begin the migration process!

Step 1 – Install MigrateGuru

  • First, install a fresh WordPress on your InterServer hosting account via either Softaculous or WP Toolkit features.
  • Add the MigrateGuru WordPress plugin by logging in as an Admin user on both source (old) and destination (new) sites.
  • Go to Plugins > Add New.
  • Search for ‘MigrateGuru’, then click to install and activate it.


Step 2 – Complete the MigrateGuru migration form

To use MigrateGuru, first you need to login to your Source website, enter your Email Address so that Migrate Guru can send you updates, agree with the BlogVault terms and conditions, and click on the Migrate Site button.

MigrateGuru Dashboard


Once you clicked the Migrate Site button, you will be redirected to a dashboard to select the host to which you are going to migrate the website. Select the Other Hosts icon from the hosts list.


MigrateGuru Hosts

Login to your Destination site, and go to the MigrateGuru page. Once you are in the MigrateGuru page, click on the text “Migration key?” to collect the Migration Key which you need to enter in the above source website migration form.

In the Migrate Using Key form, enter the Migration Key collected from the destination website and fill the rest of the details if applicable.

1. Source Website Password Protected: You should only enter this if your source website is password protected.
2. Destination Website Password Protected: You should only enter this if your destination website is password protected.
3. Add Folders: You could select any additional folders that you wish to migrate if needed. By default, it should migrate wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes folders.
4. Add Tables: You could select any additional tables. By default, it should only migrate the WordPress tables.
5. Advanced Options > Server IP: You could enter the destination server IP address which you could collect from either the InterServer Welcome email or via the InterServer hosting control panel.

Once the details entered, click on the Migrate button to initiate the migration of the website from source to destination. Once you click Migrate button, MigrateGuru will send you an email notification confirming that the process of migration has begun.

MigrateGuru Form


MigrateGuru guides you to a page displaying the live progress of your website migration, accessible through a link in the email notification. Simply monitor the progress bars to track the migration’s advancement. No need to keep your browser open throughout the process; feel free to close it. After completion, Migrate Guru will send another email confirming the successful migration.

MigrateGuru Status


With MigrateGuru’s user-friendly interface and seamless process, migrating your WordPress website becomes a stress-free experience. Say goodbye to technical headaches and hello to effortless website migration. Try Migrate Guru today and enjoy a smooth transition to your new hosting environment.


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