Migrating from Weebly to InterServer WordPress Hosting

In this documentation, we can check how to move your Weebly site to InterServer WordPress Hosting.


1) Purchase WordPress Hosting from InterServer.

You can use the following link to purchase the Managed WordPress Hosting plan.


WordPress.com to WordPress



2) Setup the theme and plugin.

You can use the following link to set up the theme and plugin.



WordPress.com to WordPress




WordPress.com to WordPress


3) Generate RSS

You can use the following link to generate RSS feeds containing all the posts. We can easily import this RSS feed to WordPress.


You will get the generated RSS feed in your mail address.

Weebly to WordPress


4) Import

Once the RSS feed has been generated, we can import this to WordPress.

Go to WordPress >> Tools >> Import. Click the RSS Import option. Upload the RSS file and click ‘Upload and import’.

Weebly to WordPress


5) Permalinks.

URL structures of Weebly and WordPress are very different. So we highly recommended that you should match the Weebly URL to WordPress URL.

To do this, go to WordPress >> Settings >> Permalinks.  Check the custom structure box and paste the following code.


Weebly to WordPress


That is how we can move Weebly site to InterServer WordPress hosting.


If you are having any doubts or if you need any further help please reach our support department.