All about new feature – Domains interface in cPanel

Posted on July 2nd, 2019

cPanel is the golden standard in web hosting panels. It’s because of the features that cPanel provides us. You can perform almost any kind of system administration task using cPanel. cPanel recently launched the cPanel & WHM version 76 with lots and lots of new features that will help us perform our administration tasks faster and more efficiently.

In this tutorial, we will introduce one of the new feature cPanel’s Domains interface. In domains interface, you will be able to manage your domains and other entities associated with the domain names more efficiently. If you want to see the domain interface right now in your cPanel, Navigate to the following location.

cPanel >> Home >> Domains >> Domains

This interface combines most of the functionality from the following interfaces:

Addon Domains interface (cPanel >> Home >> Domains >> Addon domains)

Subdomains interface (cPanel >> Home >> Domains >>Subdomains)

Aliases interface (cPanel >> Home >> Domains >> Aliases)

Users can now create and manage multiple domains for a single cPanel account in one interface. This interface simplifies the user’s ability to create and manage domains.

Domain Interface Examples

Login to cPanel >> Home >> DOMAINS >> Domains.

Domains interface


We can see all domain details from this interface such as the main domain, addon domain, subdomains, and aliases.

Domains in cPanel


You can perform the following actions from the domain interface directly.

If you want to access File Manager, click on Document root location.

Domains in cPanel


To create an email account, click on “Create an Email Address”.

Domains in cPanel


For creating a site with site publisher, click on “Create a site with site Publisher”.

Domains in cPanel


If you want to edit Zones, click on “Modify the Zones”.

Domains in cPanel


To modify Redirections, click on ” Modify the redirects”.

Domains in cPanel, new feature


It means you can perform all kind of operations like managing users, Zones, Email addresses and almost anything that is created under the domain name. And everything can be done from one interface only. It’s a good feature because it can improve your productivity and speed if you are a system administrator or someone who deploys new sites on a regular basis.

Let us know if you need help with Domain interfaces in cPanel. We are happy to help!

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