NexusCore and SQL Server 2017 Installation in WHM

Posted on March 8th, 2019


WHM servers are not supported .NET platform by default. However, this can be enabled using a third party plugin called NexusCore. The respected plugin is compatible with Apache as well as Litespeed. Here, we can discuss about the installation and configuration tips regarding the plugin on WHM servers.



1) ssh to your server as the root user using the following command:

$ ssh root@ipaddress

Please change the ipaddress with your server ip address.

2) Change the current working directory to /home

$ cd /home

3) Run the below commands and here we are downloading the installation files and execute the installer script.

$ wget

$ chmod 755 latest

$ sh latest

4) This installing package contains DBMS software SQL Server for Linux 2017 Express free edition and you can accept or ignore the software while the installation procedure is running. However, it is recommended with .NET platform.


cPanel settings

This installation would create two hosting package accounts and we are able to see the same on WHM >> Edit a Package>> Package.  Here you able to select any number of SQL servers for the customized hosting packages.  Additionally, here it is possible to create customized hosting packages and that allow users to manage .NET and Microsoft SQL Server using options provided in package settings.






Server compatibility

Following are the list of servers with their compatible versions of NexusCore plugin.

1) WHM server is compatible with 70.x or newer versions of NexusCore

2) Centos server is compatible with 7 or newer

3) CloudLinux server is compatible with 7.4 or latest


If you need any further help, please do reach our support department.



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  1. Ritesh Dabhi says:

    I need to some information regarding Nexuscore plugin.It’s install in Windows Hosting is better or Linux Hosting ?
    I can’t understand i read some artical and see how to install nexuscore .net plugin.But i can’t understand how to work is in Linux hosting?
    When I install this plugin then same website is running on multiple hosting?


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