Ordering SSL certificates through https://my.interserver.net

SSL costs vary based on the SSL type purchased. You can purchase an ALPHASSL ssl certificate for $19.95 for 1 year in https://my.interserver.net under SSL -> Buy SSL.

Using alphassl note that the cert can be under https://domain.com OR https://name.domain.com, but NOT both.

DomainSSL, the next certificate type at 99.50 / year when ordered as https://name.domain.com also works at https://domain.com

An ALPHASSL wildcard is $75 per year. However for cPanel user’s be aware that cpanel does not yet fully support wildcard certificates. They can be installed but not as *.domain.com, instead choose install as name.domain.com.

When purchasing any cert, an email address is used to verify the account. This can be from the whois record, or a few emails under the domain name like


A drop down list of possible email addresses will show during the order process and you can select one.

When the order is complete and paid, a click through URL will be emailed to approve the order.

Once done, the cert is emailed.

The process generally takes no more than 30 minutes for AlphaSSL unless the order is flagged for a random review. In those cases it may be up to 24 hours.

cPanel requires a unique / free IP to install an SSL certificate.

Prices are current as of Feb 2014