Top 5 Plugins to Organise Awesome Webinars in WordPress

Posted on September 16th, 2021

Webinars are arranged for training, meetings, and educational purpose. Therefore, most users want screen-sharing options and basic linkup features. Online events and webinars can also be a better way to interact with your audience. These days, many businesses and education systems are on standby due to COVID reasons. So, the webinar plugins just made it easy. It switches the physical company to virtual events. It has many benefits of video conferencing online, like near-unlimited attendance potential. Thus, users usually look for a live chat option where anyone can ask questions. Again, some plugins come with analytics features. That can help you to have a full report of the success of your events.

There are many software and plugins available for webinars. Webinars and conferences are now a basic need of schooling systems. It also allows screen sharing options and essential features to make it easier, and Some of them provide live and auto webinar options. Some of them let you do video conference meetings, which are often used for lead generation. However, when selecting a webinar software, you need to make sure that the platform allows you to do the required things. The ideal webinar plugins come with some analytics features, that will help you evaluate the success of conferences and events. A good webinar platform should have the following features:

  • A Webinar plugin must support HD video conference quality. It also requires a reliable webinar hosting service.
  • It should have the ability to do live and programmed webinars (Recurring and evergreen webinars). So, it will be helpful to create Scheduled events with a manner of time.
  • We also need to provide live chat features. It can increase the engagement time of your audience with the help of Q&A.
  • It Should have the ability to have multiple presenters and hosts. Moreover, the presenter should be allowed to share their screen and use the mic together.
  • We require many features that can be helpful for your business. Like the webinar, the plugin replays a feature that lets you replay the starting of the session.
  • The plugin should be seamless integration with third-party email marketing services. So, we can use other plugins with the webinar plugin. It will be helpful to provide better information and features.
  • Should have marketing automation tools and CRM software integration. Thus, you can connect with users for future webinars.
  • We also need some designing tools. So, we can easily customize the webinar registration pages and landing pages to boost registration and attendance.
  • Actionable webinar analytics.
  • Should offer great support and affordable pricing options.

From the above features, you can easily select the right webinar software. However, we have prepared a list of popular webinar plugins that will provide many advanced features. Here, we have mentioned a list of the best webinar plugins,

  1. EasyWebinar
  2. WebinarPress
  3. WP GoToWebinar
  4. LiveStorm
  5. Video Conferencing with Zoom

1. EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar is one of the best webinar plugins. You can do both live webinars and recurring webinars using this plugin. Also, the live webinars include many features such as high-quality pictures and no delay streaming. No delay streaming feature is the quickest and real-time streaming. You will get high pixel quality using their Easy webinar live engine. Thus, your audience will have a great user experience. The plugin also provides real-time chat that will make your audience engaged.

Moreover, you can use four presenters at the same time in webinars. The presenters can use a microphone and camera as well. Furthermore, they can share their screen to present. You will be able to record and archive any webinar sessions. Additionally, the plugin will let you download all webinar sessions. Moreover, you can use previous live sessions as auto webinars.

Each presenter can share while their thumbnails are pushed to the bottom for a whole screen experience. Your audience will not experience a blurry screen, as this plugin provides HD screen sharing, however, you can turn any attendees into presenters. So basically, any attendees in the room can start presenting with just one click. You need to select attendees, and the software will locate their camera and audio automatically. Their TrueVoice technology reduces the noise and gives high bandwidth streaming. So, even if two people talk simultaneously, the audience will be able to listen to them.EasyCast feature allows you to stream live on multiple social media platforms at the same time.

Moreover, you will have three types of events – Time webinars, Recurring webinars, and Evergreen webinars. Their automated webinars allow you to run evergreen webinars quickly. You can easily reach a larger audience by optimizing for user’s local timezones. Moreover, you can use their design options to make the webinar templates. Their registration embed option allows you to host a registration form with landing page builders. The plugin also integrates popular email service marketing. So, let’s discuss all the features provided by this plugin. Here, you can see the list of features.


  • Using the EasyWebinar plugin, you can do both live and auto webinars. Moreover, you will have three options like one-time webinars, recurring webinars, and evergreen webinars.
  • The live webinars allow you to have a high-quality video without any delays in real-time chat. Additionally, multiple presenters can present in the webinar at the same time. It also comes with Pixel-perfect quality and True Voice audio technology. It makes the conference and video experience better. Their TrueVoice technology reduces the noise and gives high bandwidth streaming.
  • It can also record and archive, file and screen sharing, and more. It also provides interactive tools. So, it can be helpful for better communications.
  • Using their EasyCast features, you will be able to stream live on multiple social media Combined. It can provide email notifications and detailed reports about the events and webinars.
  • You can use their design tools to create the webinar templates. You can even customize the pre-designed templates that came with the plugin.

Pricing Details:

EasyWebinar has three plans- Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. Their all plans feature-rich. The Standard plan costs $78 per month. This plan includes unlimited auto webinars and 100 attendees per live attendee. Moreover, you will get Facebook live and Youtube lives in this plan. If you want to get more live attendees, then you can purchase Pro and Enterprise plans. Pro plan costs $129 per month. An Enterprise plan costs $499 per month. Moreover, you can get three months free with annual billing.


WebinarPress is another easy and effective webinar plugin for the WordPress platform. This plugin enables you to host live or pre-recorded webinars via YouTube, Vimeo, or Your Server. You can also provide access to replays for users who missed the live event. It hosts live and recurring webinars with a customizable attendee experience. It also allows you to create many other Webinars like One Time, Just In Time, Recurring, and Right Now. You can create a webinar within 10 seconds. To create a webinar, you just need to add a webinar title. Then choose the type of webinar, and set the session time. You don’t even require any third-party services with this plugin.

WebinarPress provides fully responsive webinar page templates. Thus, your visitors can join your meetings from any device because this plugin can automatically detect the attendee’s device. Then, it adjusts itself as per the device layout and gives the best viewing experience. Besides that, it includes tools to help you interact with your audience, such as a dedicated chat. You can also collect attendees’ email addresses and names, and yo/*/*u will be able to import them into your third-party email provider. You will have complete customizable email reminders. Thus, you can send them notifications for attending webinars. You will have a replay feature as well. So the audience who have missed the previous few minutes session can have a review.

Moreover, you can customize the styling of webinar pages. Also, using this plugin, you can show countdown pages before starting webinars. You will have shortcodes to place a registration form anywhere on the website. Moreover, you can send automatic reminders and customize them. The plugin also works with any theme. The features mentioned above are available in their free version. However, if you want to explore advanced features, then you can purchase the Pro version.

Pro version provides auto-recording webinars, evergreen, and recurring webinars. Moreover, you can also host jun-in-time and on-demand webinars. Custom registration fields and live chat are provided in the Pro version only. You will also have multiple integrations such as Woo-commerce, MailChimp, and Active Campaign. You can also use their custom registration, and approval pages feature. So, let’s discuss their primary feature in brief,


  • The WebinarPress plugin provides you a user-friendly interface. So, you can easily organize live webinars with Hangouts on Air, Youtube, or Vimeo.
  • This plugin also provides designing tools. It will help you to customize the styling of every webinar page.
  • It also provides responsive/mobile-friendly webinar pages. As we discussed, it can detect the attendee’s device. So, it has interactive and attractive layouts that the layout can customize as per your requirement.
  • It will also let you create approval pages after signing up. However, custom registration and confirmation pages are available in the Pro version. With the help of that, you can easily embed new registration forms into your existing pages. It provides Real-time editor and Shortcode support.
  • One of the most valuable features of this plugin is showing the Countdown page to deliver before the event starts. There are many plugins available that provide free Countdown pages and widgets. But you don’t need them after you choose this plugin.
  • You can even show the replay to the audience who have missed the starting of the sessions or webinars.
  • The auto recording webinars are also provided. However, this feature is also available in their Pro version.
  • The plugin also provides live chat; however, it is included in the Pro version.

Pricing Details:

WebinarPress offers two Pro plans – Single site and Agency. You will have many additional features in the Pro plan than its free version. Also, the Pro version provides custom confirmation fields, paid and members webinars. Pro plan costs $197 per year. However, you will not have WordPress multisite features. If you would like to use that feature, then you can purchase an Agency plan. Agency plans cost $497 per year.

WP GoToWebinar

WP GoTo Webinar is also one of the powerful webinar plugins for the WordPress platform. It enables you to integrate your site with your GoToWebinar account. Therefore, you will have unique features such as recording, polls and surveys, and analytics. You can quickly generate shortcodes to embed your upcoming webinars or registration pages on site. Moreover, you can customize various details of your registration page. Also, you will be able to create success or error messages.WP GoToWebinar is mobile-friendly and supports smart caching. So it comes with rest assured that it would not slow down your site. This plugin also supports ReCAPTCHA to keep spam submissions under control. It displays upcoming webinars in a table, calendar, or widget from your GoToWebinar account.

Using shortcodes or the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, you can place upcoming webinars or registration forms on any post. It enables your users to convert the times and dates of forthcoming webinar displays into their local timezone. You can also translate/customize standard registration form fields. Also, you will be able to customize the colors of various elements and enable hover tooltips, that provides additional information to your users on upcoming webinars. So, Let’s discuss all the features provided by this plugin. Here, you can read the list of features.


  • The WP GoTo Webinar supports ReCAPTCHA for preventing spam submissions. It provides security against scams and malware attacks.
  • This plugin offers a mobile-friendly interface. Moreover, it also supports smart caching that assures you to keep your site up. The Mobile-responsive site will also be helpful for flexible use.
  • This plugin also provides different types of forms. For example, You can place upcoming webinars or registration forms on any page using shortcodes. You can even customize the registration and other pages.
  • With the help of this plugin, you can display upcoming webinars in a table, calendar, or widget from your GoToWebinar account. These all tools are handy for webinar plugins, which engage more people and attract new visitors.
  • It will come with various features like recording, polls and surveys, and analytics.

Pricing Details:

The plugin has four plans – Lite, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. The Lite plan costs $49 per month. It also includes 100 participants per webinar. If you want to increase the participants’ limit, then you can purchase other plans. The standard plan allows 250 participants that cost $99 per month. At the same time, the Pro plan provides 500 participants that retail $199 per month. It also comes with a GoToMeeting add-on. If you want to have more than 2500 participants, then you can purchase an Enterprise plan. The plan retails at $399 per month.


Live Storm is a popular webinar software and video conferencing software. The software offers three types of webinars: Live webinars, On-demand webinars, and Recurring webinars. They also provide browser-based webinars. It means users do not need to download any software to join. Easy joining in webinars increases the webinar attendance rate. Livestorm web conferencing works on all web browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Bing, etc. It comes with all the powerful webinar features such as HD video, live chats, screen sharing. You will also have live Q&As, audience polling functionality, and automatic email reminders. This plugin has many other features that are truly helpful for online webinars and events, such as Auto-Email and Real-Time Event status.

Moreover, It can share documents. The plugin aims to be a comprehensive video communication platform. Thus, you can use the webinar for live events, product demos, customer training sessions, and even teach online courses. Additionally, you can invite teammates as moderators to help you host for better engagement with the audience. Data insights of a webinar allow you to analyze your performance so that you can improve your conversions. The plugin connects with over 1000+ marketing platforms using built-in integrations and zapier. Thus, you can send customer data where you need it to improve the workflow. So, let’s discuss their essential features in brief,


  • The LiveStorm webinar plugin provides High-quality videos, live chats, and Screen Sharing features.
  • Like WebinarPress, this plugin also offers different tools like replay, polls, and questions for live webinars.
  • You can easily customize auto-emails and registration pages. Also, It truly understands your audience with powerful analytics.
  • This plugin can be integrated with other software and various plugins. Thus, you can send data to any software and CRM.
  • The LiveStorm plugin allows you to use modern and custom designs on your website. Hence, the design can be customized to fit your brand.
  • The plugin has a straightforward interface. It doesn’t require any download or installation.
  • The Live Storm plugin can even increase the attendance rate by over 15%.

Pricing Details:

Live Storm is a free plugin. You can start a free trial by signing up with Google or creating an account. However, you can also explore the paid version. It starts at $99 per month, along with 100 live attendees. The free plan comes with up to 10 registrants and a 20-minute webinar.

Video Conferencing with Zoom

Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing software for online meetings. Zoom provides a webinar platform as well. And it is famous for its high video quality and reliable streaming service. This plugin has almost all the important features we require from a Webinar plugin. For example, It provides Zoom rooms where you can create groups of people in your office. You can share content, as well as offer a Full HD experience of video and audio. It allows both audio as well as video calls, and we can even share our screen. Moreover, you can use Zoom to run interactive video webinars with screen sharing, Q&A chat. It can like and up-vote questions.

The software also allows you to run polls, promote attendees, have whiteboarding and annotation tools. You can easily do live webinars and video conferences. Zoom lets you record webinars and even add transcripts. You can do practice sessions for pre-event panelists as well. This webinar platform allows you have 100 participants with over 49 viewable on screen at one time.

It also allows you to promote attendees to be panelists and join the conversation. It will let you do live-streaming simultaneously to unlimited audiences on Facebook Live, YouTube Live. Zoom integrates with all the popular email marketing services and CRM platforms.

You can use WP forms and Automator Plugin to register users for webinars in Zoom for WordPress websites automatically. Their built-in analytics and marketing tools aren’t as powerful as some of the other webinar plugins in this list. However, their reliability and video quality are excellent. This plugin integrates Zoom with your WordPress site. Thus, you’ll have access to some of Zoom’s popular tools, such as the digital whiteboard, file sharing, and recording. It also enables you to manage your meetings, attendees, and recorded sessions from the WordPress dashboard. Setting up a new event is also easy. You can do so by adding a post or embedding a shortcode anywhere on your site. It also lets you connect with Woo-commerce products. So, Let’s discuss all the features in brief.


  • The Zoom plugin provides Designing tools. That will help you to easily customize the webinar registration page and reminder emails using this plugin.
  • This plugin will let you promote your social share buttons as well, and it can integrate with any social media network.
  • Using this plugin, you can quickly build your post-webinar landing page as per your website’s design and layouts.
  • This plugin also allows you to add a watermark on the webinar, live streaming, and event videos. You can also customize the watermark as per your requirement.
  • It will let you answer and moderate Q&A throughout the session. So, people can easily ask their problems and other questions. You can directly answer them from the WordPress dashboard.
  • The software also supports in-session chat.
  • It also allows attendees to raise a hand and respond to polls. This feature is a great idea, and it helps make a perfect decision and helps with live discussion.
  • Like all the listed plugins, this plugin can also provide a dashboard with webinars and processed data. You will also be able to monetize your webinars through paid registration.
  • You can also track and measure audience engagement. Moreover, you will be able to export the data in CSV files.

Pricing Details:

Zoom offers three paid plans for webinars and events. Zoom webinar plan costs $820.43 per year. It includes unlimited webinars, live streaming, and cloud recording. You can also monetize through the paid registration using this plan. Moreover, it also provides CRM and marketing automation integrations. This plan has a 500 attendees limit. The Zoom event plan costs $1057.56 per year. It also comes with a 500 attendees limit. This plan consists of many advanced features such as customizable registration and ticketing options.

Zoom also offers a free plan that comes with a 100 participants limit. You can do group meetings for up to 40 minutes. However, you can have one-to-one meetings with no time limit. Zoom meetings include three plans – Pro, Business, and Enterprise. Pro plans start from $149.90 per year.


The Webinar plugins mentioned above provide various options to make webinars seamless. You will have opportunities to customize the registration and confirmation pages. Many plugins also let you create landing pages for webinars. Moreover, you will have webinar types- Live webinars, Auto webinars, Past webinars, etc. You can also monetize through paid webinars.

Using these plugins, you can also manage the attendees. You can provide your audience live chat option to interact with them. This webinar software also supports much social media for live streaming, like Facebook live streaming. Every plugin mentioned here provides unique features in their free plans. However, if you want to explore their advanced tools, then you can buy the Pro version. These plugins have CRM and Marketing automation integration as well.

However, above all, GoToWebinar, LiveStorm, and EasyWebinar are the best webinar software. They offer all the powerful webinar features that you need with HD video streaming and affordable plans. From live chat to custom tools for webinars, you will get everything using these plugins. Meanwhile, WebinarPress offers similar features and helpful design options.

Zoom is also one of the popular platforms for video conferencing. However, it allows you to do group meetings for only 40 minutes in the free version. Still, it’s worth using Zoom for meetings. However, WebinarPress offers similar features and useful Designing options.

We hope this article will help you to select a suitable webinar plugin for your WordPress site.

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