Plesk Control Panel Prices and Editions

Posted on July 23rd, 2018

Latest prices and information about Plesk has been moved here

10 Responses to “Plesk Control Panel Prices and Editions”

  1. Emmanuel Igbinoba says:

    Need to find out a managed VPS and a control panel as Plesk?

  2. Hackowerb says:

    Hello! After buying an Admin plesk control panel. Can I upgrade conveniently to pro or Web later on.

    Also, am buying a windows VPS plan so do I need the Virtual Machine or Dedicated server ?

    • Michael Lavrik says:


      You can change license types later easily.
      For windows VPS you would need the Virtual Machine license.

  3. Edwin says:

    is there a pre-installed MS SQL SERVER on WINDOWS VPS HOSTING? And is it a requirement for me to add PLESK SERVICES to manage my VIRTUAL SERVER or the WINDOWS REMOTE HOSTING enough?

  4. Victor says:

    is it cost driven?

    • Bibin Varghese says:

      The cost is not included with our VPS. The license needs to buy separately with additional cost. As per the current trend, the cPanel (also Plesk) is increasing the license fee every year.

  5. Pedzi Mavedzenge says:

    Is the Plesk license price per year or per month?

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