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By on October 11th, 2021

Pretty links is one of the most popular affiliate marketing plugins in the market, trusted by over 300,000 users worldwide. It helps you turn your long affiliate link into a pure, speakable, and readable form using link shrinking services like,, and many others. The plugin allows you to manage social links, affiliate links, URL redirects, and QR codes with ease.

It enables you to follow your affiliate links with more advanced information, such as conversion tracking, split testing, and more. The plugin also allows you to do multiple redirections like server-side redirects, 301 redirects(permanent), 302/307 redirects(temporary), and many other advanced forms of redirection.

The plugin gives you an easy solution for managing your social media links, affiliate links, and any other kind of links you want, right from your WordPress admin panel. It can automatically create a link for your posts or pages using whatever keywords you would like to appear as the link. You can also automatically tweet a customized message to your targeted audience.

Let’s take a look at the features provided by the plugin.

Key features

  • Allows you to generate a custom slug for your URL.
  • Track the numbers of clicks with a full detailed report of your link
  • Track unique clicks
  • View click details, including browser information, IP address, etc.
  • Download link details in CSV format
  • Allows you to send links via Email directly from your WordPress panel
  • Cookie-based system to track visitors activity
  • Allows you to create nofollow/noindex link
  • Pretty link bookmarklet

Some of the above are premium features that you can use in the pro plan. Although, the free version of the plugin provides enough features to start with. Let’s look at practically what exactly the free version of the plugin provided.

How to Use the pretty links lite Plugin

1. Install and activate the plugin

Installing the plugin is an easy process. Just go to your WordPress admin area and click on “Plugins >> Add New” and search “pretty Links” on the search box. You can see the plugin in the image below. Install and activate it.

You can also download the plugin’s zip file from and upload or drop it on the top of the browse button.

2. Creating your first pretty link

Creating a pretty link is an easy process. In your WordPress dashboard, click on the “Add New” button under the pretty links tab.

Now set the required fields before creating pretty links. These features include-

  1. Redirection: here, you can set the type of redirection you want. Each type(301, 302/307, etc.) can have disparate SEO implications.
  2. Target URL: you can here set a customized URL that your pretty link will redirect to.
  3. Pretty links: you can edit the provided link slug or create your link using keywords.

I recommend adding a title to the pretty link because it will help you find it again later.

3. Link Tracking

The Link tracking feature enables you to track your link with a full detailed report. For these you need to enable the tracking option under the “Advanced” tab on the “Add LInk” page.

You can see a detailed report of your clicks by navigating “Clicks” under the “Pretty links tab.

The plugin also allows you to customize a report by its type and date. You can download a CSV file of any links and export it in tabular form.

4. Option Settings

  • Links: Here you can enable/disable default link options like tracking, no follow, permalink. You can also set the redirection type from here.

  • Reporting: here you can change the tracking style of your link and set the IP address you want to exclude from click data and stats. You can also enable/disable “auto-trim click” which means the plugin will automatically delete all hits older than 90 days and “filter robots” for better and accurate tracking performance.

You can use more features in the pro version of the plugin. Let’s look at what features provided by the Pretty links pro.

Pretty Links Pro

The plugin pro version is the perfect solution for affiliate markets and other leaders who want significant results. It enhances the flexibility of the plugin by enabling more features.

Let’s take a look at features provided by the pro version of the plugin-

Premium Features

  • Auto-generate link keyword
  • Advanced redirect type
  • Auto-create pretty link
  • Premium add-ons
  • High priority support
  • Import and export links


Pretty links is an open-source plugin. You can download it on the official WordPress site. For advanced features you will need to buy its premium plans. The plugin comes with three pricing plans which are: Beginner, Marketer, and Super Affiliate.

 The Beginner plan costs $79/year, which allows you to use pretty links on one website. This plan is for those who are just getting started.

The Marketer plan costs $99/year, allowing you to use pretty links on two websites. This plan is best for marketers who are serious about their link strategy.

The Super Affiliate plan costs $149/year, allowing you to use pretty links on five websites. This plan is perfect for super affiliates and other leaders who want beneficial results by using pretty links.
If you are unhappy with any premium plans, you can get your money back within 14 running days.


Pretty links are the one-stop solution for creating and managing links with tracking reports of all of your links. It also helps you boost your SEO ranking by providing built-in branding and passing along link juice. Overall, pretty links are the best link cloaking and management plugin for wordpress.

That’s it. We hope this article helps you learn to create, manage pretty links with ease.

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