Purchase Additional IPs on a VPS

Posted on October 23rd, 2015


Additional IPs can be purchased in our https://my.interserver.net portal.

1) Please login your client area with your registered email address and password.

Purchase additional IP


2) Select the VPS (in which you want to purchase additional IP address) in the list of VPS from the home page.Purchase additional IP


3) Click on the option ‘Purchase Additional IP’ under the ‘Billing’ section.

Purchase additional IP


4) A new window will open and here click on the button ‘Yes, Add Additional IP’ to add additional IP for your account.

Purchase additional IP

5) Then click on the ‘Continue’ button for purchasing the ‘IP’ address.

Purchase additional IP


Please be noted that the additional IPs can be purchased depending on the current server IP availability. If there are no IPs available, please contact our support department.


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  1. Tea says:

    Hello, I want to purchase 63 IPs. Can those IPs be not shared and not blacklisted?

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