How to Rearrange a cPanel account in WHM?

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How to Rearrange a cPanel account in WHM?

The cPanel control panel is the most commonly used panel for Linux servers which provides an easy to use user interface. The Web Host Manager (WHM) is a powerful program that allows us to administering the server. The cPanel is the site management panel where each individual account can be controlled by the owner of that particular account.

In this tutorial, we can discuss about how to move the cPanel account from one partition to another partition through WHM panel. This user interface feature is a usable one in which we can change the hard drive partition of an cPanel account to another partition. This will help you when you face disk space shortage on your cPanel server. If we are running a disk shortage issue for /home partition and if we have enough more space on one of another partition /home2 at this time you can easily use this feature to re-arrange the partition. The Re-arrange account function actually moves all the data from /home directory and creates a symlink to the new location which is in /home2. Through Re-arrange account feature we can perform this on only one account at a time.

Let’s discuss more about the Re-arrange account feature and how we can move one account to another partition. To move accounts between hard drives, each hard disk partition must have the value of /home that you set in WHM’s “Basic Manager Setup” Interface (Home >> Server Configuration >> Basic Manager Setup).

Steps to change cPanel account partition

1) Login to WHM as root user. And then click on “Account Functions” on the Homepage of WHM and select the “Rearrange an Account” option.

How to Rearrange a cPanel account in WHM



2) Select the account for which you need to change the partition and click on “Rearrange” button.

How to Rearrange a cPanel account in WHM


3) Now you will get a new window open and you will be prompted for the partition to which the cPanel account has to be moved. Select the exact partition like /home2 and click on “Move Account” and then wait until you get the successful message.

How to Rearrange a cPanel account in WHM


That’s it! You now know how to¬†Rearrange a cPanel account in WHM. Please reach our support department if you need any further assistance at



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