How to Register Nameserver in InterServer?

Posted on December 6th, 2018

In this tutorial, we can check how to register nameserver in InterServer

InterServer provides the following nameservers by default.

If you are using above nameservers for your domain, you can manage DNS from here


You can use your own custom nameservers for the following services.


Rapid Deploy.

Dedicated Server.


If you are not registered your domain in InterServer, you will need to contact your domain registrar end to register a new nameserver.

Please refer the following KB to register or transfer a domain to InterServer.


In this tutorial, we will show how to register a custom nameserver or create glue record.

1) Login to

2) Select the domain which you want to register a new nameserver.

register nameservers


3) Go to “Nameservers”.

Register Nameserver


4) Enter your new nameserver name. (Eg and server IP address. Then click on “Register Nameserver”.

register nameservers


If you are facing any issue while creating glue record, contact [email protected].



10 Responses to “How to Register Nameserver in InterServer?”

  1. Thangu says:


    Hope all is well. I was using ipage for 2 years for my website and stopped ipage now.I was not thinking of my website for a long time and feel I need my website back. I have registered in godaddy and want to check if I can buy interserver VPS 6$ a month and move my old content to interserver. Will I have to contact ipage for doing anything?


  2. Kevin Cruz says:

    How do I find the server ip address?

    • NAGENDRA says:


      Please log in to 》 》 Webhosting 》Here you under *IP* you can find your server IP address.


  3. Ahmed Suror says:

    You mean if I used my private nameservers then I don’t need to use DNS manager or InterServer nameservers??

    • Yes! You can use the private nameserver to manage the DNS.

      • Alejandro says:

        Hello, I have a domain in Namecheap with no hosting, also I have a VPS in Interserver, how can I point my domain to my VPS? I added in the A record of my domain the IP of my Interserver VPS, but nothing happens, I left Namecheap’s DNS on, do I missing something?

        • Bijin R Bhadran says:


          Generally, the domain works when you point A record of the domain to the server IP after creating the domain on the server. Please raise a support ticket with us so that we can check further.

  4. Saifullahjutt says:

    I INR SD Ed

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