How to Reset Moodle Admin Password Through PhpMyAdmin?

How to Reset Moodle Admin Password Through PhpMyAdmin?

If your Moodle dashboard is not accessible, then we can reset the password and username in the database through PhpMyAdmin. It is very easy to reset the password through PhpMyAdmin in cPanel. In this article, we are going to discuss how to reset the Moodle admin password through PhpMyAdmin.


1) Log into your cPanel.

2) Go to the ‘Database’ section and select the ‘phpMyAdmin’ option.

Reset Password


3) Select the database for Moodle.

4) Find the table called mdl_user. Since Moodle has many tables, the mdl_user table may be on the last page. You can select another page from the drop-down list.

5) Choose the ‘mdl_user’ table.

Reset Password


6) After selecting the table, click the ‘Edit’ option next to the admin.

Reset Password


7) Now we should replace the encrypted text with the new password in the password column.  Then select the MD5 option.

8) Click ‘Go’ button to update the changes.


This can also be done with the Email address and the Username. The Email and the Username do not need the MD5 hash.


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