How to Change InterServer VPS Root Password?

By on October 23rd, 2015

You can reset your root password on your OpenVZ server through To do this please follow the below given steps:

1) Log into with your login and password.

root password

2) Select the VPS using the top right drop-down menu or VPS-> list VPS. This brings you to the VPS information page.

3) Click the arrow next to system management to open that interface.

4) Select “Change Root Password”

5) Enter your new password twice.

Once submitted, the password will be reset within two minutes.

You may also refer the following video tutorial :


You may also refer our following blog to know more about the importance of password security :
Password Security

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  1. wael says:

    I want reset my password in the VPS System to install in my laptop to operating the system to work again

  2. mostafaateedj says:

    Hello I can not find the root password and I can not change the password. Please help me to find the root password

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