Reset WordPress Admin Password Using Emergency Password Reset Script

In this tutorial we can learn how to reset WordPress admin password using Emergency Password Reset Script.

WordPress provides a number of methods by which its admin password can be reset. If you ever lost or forgot your WordPress admin password, there is no need to panic. Many WordPress admins manage their WordPress websites from their dashboard. You can try resetting your WordPress admin password though the following methods.

1) email

2) phpMyAdmin

3) FTP


Emergency Password Reset Script

You may only try this method if you fail to reset your WordPress admin password using the methods mentioned above. The emergency password reset script is not a WordPress plugin. It is actually a PHP script. You must be very careful while using this script because it is dangerous. Anybody who runs this script can easily reset and steal your WordPress password. Before using this script, you must know some important information about what this script requires and accomplishes.


Script Information

1) You must know your Administrator username

2) The script updates the Administrator password and sends as email to the Administrator’s email address

3) If you don’t receive the email, the password has changed

4) The script must be placed only in the root of your WordPress installation

5) Make sure that you delete the script when you are done

 reset WordPress


How to run the script

You can easily run this script by following the instructions below.

1) In the root of your WordPress installation, create a file called emergency.php and save the script in it.

2) In your browser, open

3) You will be asked to enter your Administrator username and the new password

4) Then click on Update Options. An email is sent to the Administrator email address with the changed password information

5) Delete the file emergency.php from your server as someone else could use it to reset your password

I hope you have successfully reset your WordPress Administrator password. Please make sure you delete this script as soon as you are done resetting the password.


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