How to Set Permalinks in WordPress

Posted at August 4, 2016 at 4:52 pm by Jithin

In this documentation, we can learn how to set permalinks in WordPress.


1) Login to WordPress admin panel.

2) Go to ‘Settings’.



3) Click the option ‘Permalinks’.



4) Select the permalink structure.

Plain:This is the “ugly” permalink setting.

Day and name: This uses a year/month/date format followed by your post’s name. The name here refers to the slug of your post.

Month and name:This is the same as option two, but without the day information.

Numeric:This options just uses the ID of the post from the row in the wp_posts table of your database.

Post name: This one uses the name of your post.

Custom Structure: This last field allows you to define your own structure using the full set of structure tags available in WordPress.



5) Click the button ‘Save Changes’.



That is how we can set permalinks in WordPress.


If you need any further assistance please reach our support department.



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