Set up Search Engine Friendly URLs in PrestaShop

Posted on January 15th, 2016

Web traffic from search engines matters a lot! It is free traffic that is laser-focused and costs a lot if you decide to go for paid advertising. Search engines like Google rank your web pages on different keywords based on many factors.

One of those factors is URLs. Do you have keywords in your URLs? If not, you should enable Search engine friendly URLs to drive more traffic from search engines like Google. So, what is a search engine friendly URL? A search engine friendly URL contains words in URL than the ID of the product. These URLs are very simple to remember and understand.

For example, is not a search engine friendly URL. But, is a search engine friendly URL. The whole internet runs on search engine friendly URLs except the deep web pages.

You can easily enable SEO friendly URLs if you are using Prestashop. In this short tutorial, I am going to show you How to these URLs in Prestashop.

Enable Search Engine Friendly URLs in Prestashop

Log in to the admin panel of your Prestashop store. Then, click on the Preferences -> SEO & URLs option given in the left sidebar. See the following screenshot.

Set up search engine urls in PrestaShop

On this page, you can manage how your URLs should look like. To enable Friendly URLs, locate the option with the same Label and turn the switch to Yes.

You need to enable mod_rewrite module in Apache to enable Friendly URLs. If you do not know what is that module, you can try enabling the option. If you are using InterServer web hosting, you will get mod_rewrite out of the box.

Set up search engine urls in PrestaShop

Finally, click on the Save option given at the bottom-right corner of the page to save changes.

Set up search engine urls in PrestaShop

So, this is how we can enable SEO Friendly URLs in Prestashop. It is always a good practice to enable Friendly URLs as they are easy to look at and people can understand directly from the URL what they are going to expect on the page.

If you need our help to enable Friendly URLs, please contact our support department for the quick help!

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