Set Windows VPS / quickserver Password

Posted on October 23rd, 2015

The server has no password set. To set it the first login will vnc will require you to set a password.


Log into

On the main page select your VPS package. For example you would clikc under name the windows vps id.

On the next page on the left side click VNC (

Then click connect to desktop with HTML5 vnc (

If your browser does not support java or html 5, instead on this page click the link that says click HERE to grant your IP access to VNC (

Your IP will be auto detected with in IP To Allow VNC Access To. If you run a proxy you may need to change this IP. Look above for VNC IP:Port which has the IP and port you can vnc to, after you click Update VNC.

4 Responses to “Set Windows VPS / quickserver Password”

  1. dennis carroll says:

    Hello, I am completely lost. My last VPS I was sent log in details and up and running in mins I do not understand the jargon. I was told to log into and change password. I geot this message in red…The VPS is still running, please first shut down the VPS. An unclean shutdown can lead to errors resulting in an unbootable machine so please do a shutdown from VNC instead of just powering the system off.
    If the VPS was just recently shut down please allow 1-5 minutes for the status to get updated in our system and try again.
    This is all beyond me I was told it was simple in my inquiring emails. Sorry

  2. Kevin Struska says:

    Would it be possible that when your VNC password is reset, that it’ll display the resulting password, or you could get an email with what the password is?

    • Jithin says:

      Hi Kevin,

      I understand why you need a mail with password. So you can check it and retrieve the password if you ever forget it, right? That won’t be needed because you can reset the password from our control panel itself or you can always email our support department if you need any help with that :

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