Setup Autoresponder in cPanel webmail

Posted on November 8th, 2018

Setup Autoresponder in cPanel webmail

Autoresponder feature in your email settings allows you to automatically send a response when an email is sent to a specific email address. This option is useful in many situations like if you are on vacation you can set an autoresponder to let people that email you know when you will return.  You also can use it if you have a customer service email to let your customers know that their email has been received and they will get a response shortly. To setup an autoresponder in your webmail account please go through the following steps.

1) Login to your webmail account. You can login to your webmail account by accessing:


Replace with your domain name.

2) Click on the dropdown box of your email address at the top-right corner. Then click on ‘Autoresponders’.

Setup Autoresponder in cPanel webmail


3) Click on ‘Add Autoresponder’ button.

Setup Autoresponder in cPanel webmail


4) Now a new window will open and here you can configure Auto Responder.

Setup Autoresponder in cPanel webmail


Character set: In the character set drop down menu select character set you want to use.

Interval: Please specify the time you want to set. Which specifies the time between responses to the same email address.

Email: Your email Address.

From: Specify the name that the auto-response will be from.

Subject: Enter the content you want to set as auto responder subject. For example, ‘Tom is not available now. Will contact you soon’.

HTML check box: If your Autoresponder body contains HTML, you need to select the check box of HTML check box. Otherwise you can leave the checkbox function.

Body: In the body field enter the body of your Autoresponder mail.

Start: Select the start time.

Stop: Select the stop time.

Finally click on ‘create or modify’ button to save the changes. Then you will get a popup message showing ‘You have successfully created autoresponder’.


If you need any further help please do reach our support department.

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