Setup BoxTrapper in Webmail

Posted on February 16th, 2018

BoxTrapper is used to verify that the incoming email is sent by a real person, and not a robot. This is done by auto-replying with a verification task which is asked by the sender to reply or click a link. If they reply to the link, they can be whitelisted and never have to do it again. The concept of the BoxTrapper is that the spammers and bots will not reply to the email BoxTrapper sends and therefore it can easily determine a spam message.  To setup BoxTrapper in your webmail account please go through the following steps.

1) Login to your webmail account. You can login to your webmail account by accessing:


Replace with your domain name.


2) Click on the drop-down box of your email address at the top-right corner. Then click on ‘BoxTrapper’.

Boxtrapper in webmail


3) A new window will open and here, you can enable/disable the BoxTrapper by clicking the corresponding button.

Boxtrapper in webmail


4) On clicking the ‘Configure Settings’ option, you can configure the settings for the particular email address. Here, it allows you to set up email addresses with BoxTrapper and specify how long to keep logs and queue messages.

Boxtrapper in webmail


5) We can also edit confirmation messages by selecting the button ‘Edit Confirmation Messages’ which allows you to change the response message that email senders receive after they send a message to a BoxTrapper enabled email account.

Boxtrapper in webmail


6) The option ‘Edit White/Black/Ignore Lists’  allows you to permit, deny, and ignore email messages from certain accounts.


7) A forward list can also be set up in BoxTrapper to send whitelisted and verified mail to designated email addresses, in addition to the address BoxTrapper is protecting.


8) There is an option called ‘Review Log’ which will display the overview of all messages sent to your email accounts. It will be displayed day by day.


9) Another option is ‘Review Queue’ which is used to view any BoxTrapper mail waiting for verification.


If you need any further help please do reach our support department.



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