Setup InterServer Cloud Backup Service for Android Devices

Posted on October 24th, 2018


As you know currently the Android devices are the most popular mobile device, in a recent survey the Android accounted for more than 80% of the total smartphone devices. They always provide descent upgrades to their operating system software and the latest version is the Nougat version. In a present technical world, most of our devices get hacked or affecting some kind of malware or an unexpected data failure in such situation we can restore the content back to its normal state if we have a backup available. We are concerned about our client’s data, so we introduced the most reliable and efficient backup solution along with the help of the world’s best backup software developer to attain the best product in the market. The data is kept in one of our data center location with a high security so its 100% safe. More details about this service plan can be found on our website here –

Here in this article, I’ll discuss the steps on how we can set up the backup service for your Android devices. Before that this backup solution is working based on a Backup agent android application, which we should install on the device from Play store applications. The app can be seen at

Before going to the steps, assuming that you already purchased the backup service via your InterServer client area > Backups tab > Order button. Once the service gets activated, you can access the Acronis management panel by click on ‘Manage Service’ button from within the client area.

Once you have installed the Acronis Backup Android application, open the application on the device and it will ask for login details to the Acronis Management Backup plan as below.

Backup in Android, InterServer Cloud Backup, InterServer Android Device Backup


Enter the backup management panel logins, once you have entered the panel It will open the below interface where we can select or unselect the information for the backup process by click on the gear icon at the right top side. Once you have selected the appropriate settings, click on the ‘Backup’ button at the bottom to activate.

Backup in Android, InterServer Cloud Backup, InterServer Android Device Backup


It will initiate a backup process automatically, and it can be also configured to run the backup only when connecting over Wi-Fi or while using Cellular plans. At any time, we can run a backup by click on the ‘Backup Now’ button at the home interface of the application.

Backup in Android, InterServer Cloud Backup, InterServer Android Device Backup



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