How to Show or Hide Widgets on Specific WordPress Pages

Posted at October 2, 2017 at 12:42 pm by Jithin

Widgets are an inevitable part of a WordPress website. Widgets will allow you enabling additional functionality to your pages. The main feature of a widget is it will be shown in every page of your website. It’s actually an advantage but sometimes, it may give a negative impact. Have you ever faced such a situation while you develop your blog? This tutorial will let you know how to show/ hide widgets on specific WordPress pages.


What is a Widget?

A widget is a block that will do specific functions on your website. You could place these widgets in spaces like sidebars, footers, etc. A calendar widget is shown as an example below. The primary and most attractive feature of Widget is it will be there on any pages of your website. Sometimes this may impact your website negatively.

show or hide widgets


Can you imagine how it will be if there is a calendar widget on your gallery page? There is no way we can decide on which page a widget should be displayed. This is the default settings. But in this tutorial, we are going to show/hide widgets on pages you would like. We are achieving this with the help of a plugin “Widget Context”. Another thing is you can manage each widget individually. You could choose which widget should be displayed on which pages.


How to hide/show Widgets?

1) As we’ve mentioned earlier, we need to install a WordPress plugin called “Widget Context”. You could follow the steps described in this tutorial to install the plugin:

2) Now, we can configure which Widget should be displayed on a specific page. The details are given below. Please remember that you need to do these things in the WordPress dashboard itself. Please go to the Appearance >> Widgets from the dashboard.

show or hide widgets


Now you can see the list of available Widgets. Please click on the desired Widget. Here, we are taking the Calendar Widget as an example.

show or hide widgets


3) When selecting the widget, a pop-up window will be shown which will contain available areas you could place the Widget. You need to select the desired area and click on the button “Add Widget” to proceed.

show or hide widgets


Now you will be redirected to the next page, available options for the Widget will be present. You could select the preferred option from the listed options.

show or hide widgets


4) You could click on the drop-down menu to view available show/hide options for the Widget. You could select from four options from the menu. The options are shown in the below screenshot.

show or hide widgets


5) To make the widget displayed in specific pages, you could either select the second or third option and tick the checkboxes beside to the desired pages to show/hide Widgets on the pages. After selecting the options, please click on the button “Save” to save the changes made.

show or hide widgets


This is how you can show/ hide WordPress Widgets on specific pages.


If you need any further help please do reach our support department.



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