Softaculous Installation in Plesk

Posted on December 6th, 2018


Softaculous is a 3rd party auto installer for different control panels such as Plesk, Direct admin, and cPanel, which allows install more than 200 applications and scripts just by a few clicks. And it also includes the features for uninstalling the installed applications through Softaculous.

The steps to install Softaculous in Plesk are listed below:

Before proceeding with the installation you should make sure that the below-mentioned requirements are met by your system.

A server with Plesk Linux (Any Plesk version above 9.0 is supported)

Allow access to all packages from * on your server firewall, if you have the firewall installed on your server.

Also allow the below domains on your server firewall, because the below sites are used to download the script to the system. (IP : (IP : (IP : (IP : (IP : (IP :


We can install Softaculous in Plesk by two methods; via GUI and CLI.


Installing Softaculous in Plesk using GUI

The steps to install Softaculous in Plesk using GUI are mentioned below:

1) Login to Plesk with the user which has root privilege.

2) Then select the “Extension” menu from “Server Management”.

Softaculous Installation


3) From the displayed page, select the tab “Extensions Catalog” and in the search box search for Softaculous.

Install softaculous


4) Click on “Install” and the installation process gets started. You will get a notification once the installation process successfully complete.


Installing Softaculous in Plesk using CLI

We can also install Softaculous on Plesk via CLI.  This method is recommended for the older version of Plesk. Before proceeding with the installation, make sure that PHP extension IonCube Loader and posix are enabled on your server. You can check PHP extension IonCube Loader is enabled on your server or not by the below command:

php -m | grep -i ioncube

php -m | grep -i posix


If the PHP extensions are not enabled on your server enable them and follow the below steps.

1) ssh to the server as root.

2) Download the Softaculous package to the server by running the below command.

 wget -N

3) Change the downloaded package’s permission by running the below command.

chmod 755

4) For installing the Softaculous, run the below command.



If you need any further help, please do reach our support department.



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