Softaculous Staging Environment

Posted on July 2nd, 2019

The staging environment is a must-have feature nowadays, as it will help in making changes to a production website without affecting the actual customers.

Softaculous made this task easy and recently released the staging feature. This provides an exact copy of your live website where you can make the changes and or can alter the theme without affecting the live site. Once you have performed the changes using the staging feature, it is easy to push the updated site to the production.

The basic idea behind this is to make a carbon copy of the website to make the alteration without affecting the live site. The Softaculous software lets you maintain both Staging and live website simultaneously. InterServer offers Softaculous App Installer software within our Standard hosting plan, for more information please visit our website here –

Create a Staging Environment using Softaculous

Now, we will go through the steps to make a staging environment of a live website and to re-publish after the making necessary changes.

1) Go to “Softaculous App Installer” interface by clicking its icon on your hosting cPanel control panel home page.

softaculous staging environment


2) Once there, click on the box icon from the top tab to access the active script installation list.

softaculous staging environment


3) Click on the “Create Staging” icon beside the installation for which you wish to create the staging environment as shown in below screenshot.

softaculous staging environment


4) Now, The staging creation page will appear, which should have installation details and a form to fill out the details about the staging copy (domain name, directory, database). Fill out the form and click on “Create Staging” button at the bottom to start the process.

softaculous staging environment


Once done, it will show the new administration URL and login details the same as on the live site. You can log in to the staging site to make the alteration on the website. If everything works fine after altering the site, we can publish the changes over to the live site by following below steps.


5) To push the changes over to production site, click on the “Push to Live” button beside the staging installation as shown in below screenshot.

softaculous staging environment


6) In the new interface, you would see two options there as “Default” and “Customize”. Both of them will create a backup of the current installation before pushing the changes. In Customize, you can choose the changes that you want to push to the live installation. Click on the ‘Push to Live’ button at the bottom to push the staging site to production.

softaculous staging environment


Once done, a success message will appear with the live website URL and its administration dashboard URL as below. You can now check the live website to confirm everything reflects as expected there.

softaculous staging environment


Please contact our support department or comment down in the comment section if you are facing any issue. We will get help directly from Interserver support staff.

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  1. Jane Moore says:

    Is the Softaculous staging server a live site viewable to the public? I thought the staging site was supposed to be a private sandbox in which to test changes.

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