SpamAssassin Setup in DirectAdmin

In this documentation, we can check how to setup SpamAssassin in DirectAdmin.


1) Login to DirectAdmin panel.

2) Click the button ‘SpamAssassin Setup’ from the section ‘E-Mail Management’.


3) From here we can setup the SpamAssassin.


4) SpamAssassin is currently enabled. If you want to disable, please click the button ‘Disable’.


5) There are 7 sections to configure the SpamAssassin. You can change settings to your preference.

a) Where do you want the spam to go? Choose the location where you want the spam to go.

b) What score threshold do you wish to use? – The default setting is set to “Low Threshold (5.0). Lower threshold will block more spam.

c) Would you like to delete high scoring spam? – You can delete the spam if it matches the threshold value. The second option is recommended to avoid false positive spam email.


d) Do you wish to rewrite the subject of a spam email? – The email header will be rewritten with your choice of key phrase if you choose this option.


e) How should the spam be delivered? – Attachments will separate the spam into its own message, preventing scripts from being run. Text-only attachments are used for increased safety. Spam mails with images will not be shown.


f) Email Blacklist – This is the list of email address that will be blocked.


g) Email Whitelist – This is the list of email address that will be allowed.


6) After configuring the SpamAssassin, click ‘Save’ button to update.


That is how we can set up SpamAssassin in DirectAdmin.


If you need any further help please reach our support department.