What is SRV record? How to add SRV record in Plesk and cPanel?

Posted on October 14th, 2016

The details regarding the hostname and port number of a server for any specified services can be obtained from the SRV record specified data in the Domain Name System. SRV records are mainly used in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).


The format of SRV record

_service._proto.name. TTL class SRV priority weight port target.

1) service: Name of the desired service.

2) proto: Transport protocol of the service; TCP or UDP are the usual protocols used.

3) name: Domain name for which this record is valid. It is to be noted that it should end with a dot.

4) TTL: DNS time to live.

5) class: DNS class field, by default it is IN.

6) priority: Priority of the target host. More preference can be achieved with lower values.

7)  weight: A relative weight for records which has the same priority. More preference can be achieved with higher values.

8) port: TCP or UDP port on which the service is to be found.

9) target: Canonical hostname of the machine providing the service, ending in a dot.


How to add SRV record in Plesk


1) Log into your Plesk Control Panel.

2) Click on the option ‘Websites & Domains’.

3) A new section will open and click on the button ‘DNS Settings’ from it.

SRV record


4) Click on the option ‘Add Record’.

SRV record


5) Then a new window will open and here you can provide Service name, Protocol, Domain name, etc in the given fields. After filling the required fields, you can click the ‘OK’ button.

SRV record


How to add SRV record in cPanel

1) Log into your cPanel interface.

2)  Click on the option ‘Advanced DNS Zone Editor’ from the ‘DOMAINS’ category.

SRV record


3) Go to the section ‘Add a Record ‘ and choose SRV from the drop-down menu as the type of the record. After filling the required fields, click on the button ‘Add Record’.

SRV record


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