The 5 Best QR code generators for WordPress sites

Posted on September 21st, 2022

We all know WordPress and its unique features. A website development now feels effortless. WordPress now power’s more than 40% of websites currently available on the internet. WordPress developers have created a beautiful and easy-to-use CMS in the last few years with all the required features. A vast community of WordPress developers keeps working to create new features and plugins. WordPress also upgraded itself and added new features and security. Today, in this digital world, we always have a magical device in our hands, and we call it a smartphone. And WordPress is a Small Screen Friendly CMS. Even we have hundreds of plugins available that can make your website totally auto responsive and quickie accessible.

Today, we will talk about one of the most advanced features, QR Codes, because every mobile phone has an internet-enabled scanner to scan barcodes and QR Codes. However, generating a QR code on your mobile device is easier said than done. This article will discuss the main plugins for generating QR codes. If you have a WordPress website, then you must know some advanced plugins that you can use to generate QR Codes. These QR Codes are easily shareable and quickly responsive. So, if you’re looking for an easy and quick way to create your QR (quick response) codes, you have come to the right place.

In this post, we will cover some of the best QR code generator plugins and a few tools available for free and paid. But before we dive in, let’s discuss all the essential information about QR Code technology and its key points.

What is QR Code?

QR Code or Quick Response Code is a 2-dimensional barcode that can become easily readable by the latest digital devices. These tiny bunch of pixels can save different types of information into the square shape grid. The QR Code was first invented by a Japanese company, Denso Wave, in 1999. They used the technology to track all automobile company paths during the making process accurately. As a result, they introduced a new technology called QR Code (Quick Response) that is used to encode kanji, kana, and alphanumeric characters. Today all smartphones and digital devices have inbuilt digital QR Code scanners. This technology is also used with many ideas like supply chain and marketing campaigns. We can store many types of information like text, URLs, Products, and data in digital format.

In simple words, a QR Code is a simple unidimensional barcode approved by the International organisation for Standardisation (ISO) in 2000. The QR Code generally looks like a square black and white pixel grid, and this small grid can store more than 4000 characters of text. Here, we mention all the critical points about QR Codes and their technology and valuable ways to use QR Code technology.

  • We can directly attach QR Codes to the download page. This way, we can provide links to apps directly to the Play Store and App Store.
  • Many online banking trading apps provide QR Code based security features like verification QR Codes or Login QR codes. We have recently used them to send and receive payments and information regularly.
  • Our latest smartphones use the QR Code feature to share Wi-Fi information. You can see a QR Code that stores the Wi-Fi information directly in the phone’s Wi-Fi settings.
  • Till today, we also learned how we could customise QR Codes and create attractive QR Codes in variations. Hundreds of websites are available that allow users to create customised QR Codes with their customised information.
  • These QR Codes can respond in less than a sec and can be readable from any angle. The QR Code will immediately respond and provide the information in seconds. The quick response time is one of the best features of this specific barcode technology which gives quick access by their smartphone.

How can we use QR Code and Retrieve the information?

In this digital world, we can scan any QR Code directly from our smartphones. Most famous smartphone companies provide QR Code scanners within the camera. If you can’t scan QR Codes using your smartphone’s camera, you can easily download the mobile app to scan any code. Once you download the QR Code scanner, follow these steps to scan any QR Code and retrieve the information.

  • Step 1: Open your Device’s (smartphone, iPad, or tablet) default camera app or Downloaded QR Code Scanner.
  • Step 2: Point your camera to the QR Code and see the QR Code on your screen. Pointing the camera to the QR Code at a Right Angle is not mandatory. You can scan that QR Code by any dimension or any Angle.
  • Step 3: After a sec, You can see the information stored on that QR Code on your mobile screen. In some cases, the QR Codes store file and app information that quickly download the files into the scanned device.

The Best QR Code Generator Plugins for WordPress

As we discussed, you can use the QR Code technology to share any digital details. So, WordPress CMS and different WordPress developers created many plugins and extensions that provide QR Code features to simple WordPress websites. Each plugin comes with its features and functionality. Some can be integrated into your WordPress website for an Easy Payment system, and some are used to provide E-Store product details. So, we mentioned 5 types of plugins that provide different features according to our needs. We also mentioned all the features of each plugin, so it can be helpful to decide which free or paid plugin will fulfil your requirements. Here, you can see the QR Code Generator plugins list, and then we will discuss each plugin and its features. All the listed plugins are free and available at WordPress Plugins Repository.

  1. Simple QR Code Generator Widget Plugin
  2. Kaya QR Code Generator
  3. Your – Simply and Modern QR-Code Creation
  4. UPI QR Code Payment Gateway
  5. QR Code WooCommerce

We will learn about each plugin in detail. Let’s get started with the first one.

1. Simple QR Code Generator Widget Plugin

The Simple QR Code Generator Widget Plugin is one of the most straightforward and open-source plugins. We can easily download it from the WordPress Repository and install it on any WordPress website. This plugin provides minimum features like generating QR Codes for text and URLs of Your websites. And as per its name, we can display these QR Codes as widgets and place them on the sidebars of the WordPress websites.

This plugin has a simple User Interface as well as quickly accessible. To use the Simple QR Code Generator Widget, we need to add QR Code Widget into different areas like Sidebars and Footers. Here you can read all the features of this simple and ready-to-use plugin.


  • The Simple QR Code Generator Widget comes with easy-to-use functionality. It’s a free and Open-Source Plugin that anyone can use.
  • All we need to do is add a widget to this plugin, and we can place it in any position on our WordPress websites.
  • This plugin will automatically create QR Codes for current website URLs like Pages and Posts.
  • It also provides basic customizations like QR Code height and width of the QR Codes. 
  • We can also create our custom QR Code with a Custom URL, which we can display on any section of our WordPress Website.

2. Kaya QR Code Generator

The Kaya QR Code Generator is another open-source plugin for WordPress. Like the discussed plugin, this plugin also provides features like generating QR Codes based on text or URLs. We can also add new QR Codes on your web pages, posts, and sidebars using different features like Widgets and Shortcodes. The Kaya QR Code Generator plugin is easy to install and beginner-friendly. We can easily create dynamic QR Codes and customise them according to our settings.

Kaya QR Code Generator is a handy plugin because we can use any information within the QR Code. For example, it can be simple text, link or URL, Bitcoin Address, or Current page URL. This plugin will work independently without any dependencies. Here, you can go through all the features of the Kaya QR Code Generator plugin.


  • The Kaya QR Code Generator comes with built-in widget support as well as we can use it to display static and dynamic content as per our requirements.
  • This plugin also supports shortcodes so we can display the QR Codes anywhere on the websites. We can even allow our visitors to click the QR Code to access the Code content.
  • The Kaya QR code plugin comes with QR Code and Image Customisation like image display settings and QR Code colour and background settings. We can create and add our custom colours to the QR codes using this plugin.
  • As we know, this plugin comes with Shortcode and Widget Support. More than that, this plugin also comes with a shortcode assistant that helps to place the QR Codes on Pages, Posts, and custom posts.
  • The Kaya QR Code Generator plugin is a free plugin that also supports WordPress Multisite and WooCommerce.

3. Qyrr – Simply and Modern QR-Code Creation

The Qyrr – Simple and Modern QR-Code Creation plugin is another Useful and Free plugin. It’s freely available on the Plugin’s directory, and we can easily download it to our WordPress websites. This plugin will help you to create Customised QR Codes. One of the best features of the Qyrr plugin is we can download the created QR Code in PNG file format. Patrik Posner builds this plugin to accomplish all the QR Code Related needs for any website.

The Qyrr QR Code plugin has the most simple and intuitive user interface. To use this plugin, we need to download it within your WordPress and Activate it. After that, all we need to do is provide URL Links, Sizes of QR codes, and Colours of QR codes, and then you can download the QR Code to your device and use it anywhere you like. The best feature of this plugin will be its customization support. We can add our Brand logo design within the QR Code and use them with Shortcodes. Here all the essential features of this plugin are listed down below. 


  • The Qyrr Simple and Modern QR-Code Generator plugin is an Open-Source plugin that anyone can use. We can download it directly from the WordPress Plugin’s repository and start using it with a couple of clicks.
  • The best feature of this plugin is its customization support. Qyrr Simple and Modern QR-Code Generator is the only plugin that allows us to use our brand logo and colors within the QR Code. We can easily upload our brand logo and add them to the QR Codes. 
  • More than that, this plugin also allows us to configure the corner radius and the Quiet Zone. This way, we can create a unique QR Code that perfectly reflects our brand values. 
  • As we discussed, this plugin allows us to add our custom logo within the QR Code. We can also add custom labels within the QR Code which can be very helpful. 
  • Qyrr QR Code Generator plugin also provides 4 different logos and label design options, allowing us to give different variations for our custom QR Codes. 
  • It also supports google fonts to give extra touch as well as we can download the created QR Code in PNG format. So we can use that QR Codes anywhere we want, like Pages, Posts, Product Pages, Invoices, and Different sections.

4. UPI QR Code Payment Gateway

We discussed more than two plugins in this article that allows us to create QR Codes based on URLs. So we can share them, or our visitors can catch the information based on QR Codes. The UPI QR Code Payment Gateway plugin is different from those plugins. This plugin will allow your visitors or customers to complete their shopping and pay the invoice amount via QR Code. In simple words, this plugin will help you to create and add your UPI(Unified Payment Interface) with QR Codes and catch the payment directly to your bank accounts.

The UPI QR Code Payment Gateway is nothing but a modern feature that is very important nowadays. Today, we all use these UPI QR Codes and Payment Scanners to pay our bills and shop. Paying directly from your phone is easy instead of carrying cash and cards in a pocket. Every business owner must attach these QR Codes and allow their consumers to pay the bills within the QR Codes. The UPI Works 24*7, and it’s free. It’s straightforward to configure and use. Here are all the best features and benefits listed here. Please go through them to better understand this plugin.


  • The UPI QR Code Payment Gateway is an Open-source plugin you can download from the WordPress Plugins repository. The interface of this plugin is simple, easy, and beginner friendly. We do not need technical skills to use this plugin as a payment gateway.
  • This plugin will help us in different ways, like using this UPI QR Code will avoid all the bank and transaction charges. The payment will be directly settled in your bank account with a 100% success rate.
  • The UPI QR Code Payment Gateway allows us to send the QR Code as a link to any consumer. This QR Code Payment Gateway will work 24*7 without errors and fees.
  • This plugin comes with Multisite Network Support without any Subscription and Renewal Charges. It doesn’t require any KYC or GST Number for configuration.
  • Customer and site visitors will see the UPI QR Code payment type at the time of the payment. Once the customer selects the UPI QR Code, It will show the Payment QR Code. Once the customer scans the QR Code and pays the payment, this QR Code Payment gateway will ask for a Transaction number for confirmation.

5. QR Code WooCommerce

The QR Code WooCommerce is another excellent plugin that allows WordPress users to create Dynamic QR Codes for WooCommerce Products. It is also a free plugin and accessible from’s Plugin Library. The developer team of QR Code WOoCommerce regularly provides essential updates. This plugin can easily access your website product directly from any smartphone. You can easily download the QR Code and use it on different banners or social media. People scan these codes and access the product page or any data we want to share.

It works with many ideas because you can use this plugin differently. We can create a Coupon QR Code as a marketing strategy. Here, you can use all the QR Codes with shortcodes and widgets. This plugin allows us to customise the QR Code to create unique QR Codes. All the methods of using this plugin are simple, and it’s a free plugin. So, here we mentioned all the features for better acknowledgment.


  • The QR Code WooCommerce plugin has many features related to WooCommerce and Product QR Codes. It’s simple to generate a QR Code and use them because the interface is easy and well managed.
  • We can create QR Codes for Products and Variables easily. This plugin will generate a perfect QR Code for specific information as we provide the details and dimensions. Then you can print and use them on physical banners and marketing ideas. 
  • Just like Product QR Codes, we can create different Coupon QR Codes using the same method. This plugin allows users to download the PDF of the specific QR Code and print them as per their requirements. We can delete less important QR Codes as per your products.
  • One of the essential features of the QR Code WooCommerce is using this plugin with Affiliate Ideas. You can easily share our Affiliate Marketing links and use them for our betterment. 
  • Online and Offline Promotions can be easy. Physical store owners can use the QR Code printing ideas with any marketing and coupon code strategy. 


This article’s listed plugins are free and freely available on the WordPress repository. The first three QR Code Generator plugins provide the same functionality with different features. You can choose them according to your needs. If you have requirements for customization, you can go with Kaya QR Code Generator. Then lastly, both plugins are listed here as a features expansion. You can add these kinds of QR Code Features, making it easy to share and use them on different ideas. Using UPI QR Payment Gateway, you can make money collection easy and 100% sure.

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