The New HTTPS Redirection Feature in cPanel

Posted on June 10th, 2019


The cPanel keep making new features to automate the tasks on a user-friendlier manner, that they released a new feature on v80 to turn on/off HTTPS redirection for the websites from within the cPanel control panel interface. Nowadays, the HTTPS is one of the must-have features for a website that not only provides a secure layer but also gives out high SEO ranking on Google webmaster. You can refer our knowledge base article for more information about this here –


We, Interferer provides free SSL certificate with our Standard WebHosting package [ ], and also you can enable the same within your cPanel VPS/Dedicated server via AutoSSL feature. Please refer our Standard WebHosting package details at our website here – and also you can refer our knowledge base article on how to enable cPanel’s AutoSSL feature here –


Once we have installed the SSL certs, we will need to enable the SSL navigation for the site to load securely by default. That means, the non-secure http:// URLs need to be redirected to the secure https:// URL by default, otherwise some people may still browse your site insecurely. In the past, we were made this possible using a rewrite rule statement within the site’s hidden htaccess file. The same process we have documented on our knowledge base here –


Since it is a manual modification, a small fault in the htaccess file may cause your site to go down having 500 Internal server error. The cPanel introduced a feature on their recent version that the users can enable/disable HTTPS redirection via cPanel by toggling a button. Here, we will show you how you can enable/disable this easily via cPanel so no need to put those rewrite rules in site’s htaccess.


1) Login to cPanel control using the details on hosting welcome email or by going to

2) Click on “Domains” icon under the DOMAINS tab

Https redirection


3) Toggle the button beside the domain name where you’ve SSL installed. Please note that the toggle option will not available for the domains having no SSL cert installed and for Alias/Parked domains, as these domains are sharing the same SSL cert of the main domain name.


4) You can also activate the HTTPS redirection in bulk by selecting the domain names by click on the checkboxes from the list and then click on ‘Force HTTPS Redirect On’ at the top of the table.

Https redirection


If you need any assistance with setting up the above, feel free to get in contact with our support team either via email or LiveChat.


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  1. frank says:

    re: “Please note that the toggle option will not available … for Alias/Parked domains, as these domains are sharing the same SSL cert of the main domain name.”

    This is not logical. Unless redirection is specified, these alias domains will continue to serve the HTTP address even though (as you said) they have a certificate. So if points to, visiting will load unencrypted.

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