Top 10 Best Knowledge Base Plugins for WordPress

By on November 9th, 2021

According to recent research, more than 90% of the customers will be with the brand and making repeat purchases which company has excellent customer support services. In simple words, every growing business always needs two best elements. One is a reliable product and robust customer support. We live in 2021, where education is the most primary need. Today’s people have a clear vision about their needs and company. And they are always with the brand name who are supportive and helpful. Think of yourself as a customer, what are the basic needs of yours when you purchase a product or a service? Especially when you find any issue with the product or service. At that time, everyone wants a good reply and appreciable customer support.

Now, let’s think about the situation as a brand owner or any business owner. It doesn’t matter if you are a local shop owner or an online seller, it doesn’t even matter that you sell a product or service. If your customer service is not helpful to the consumers then it’s almost impossible to grow. If you are an online seller and have a website, you must give instant support via email or chat options. And, If you have a WordPress website, there are some plugins and extensions available in the WordPress library that will definitely be helpful for you. These plugins can provide customer support without taking a support ticket or live chat window. There are many plugins available that have different features related to customer support.

All the knowledge base plugins have different uses and features. Some can provide a collection of documents with an organized hierarchy for help. Some can provide a complete guide for the product or service. So, in this article, we will learn about some great plugins that can offer an entire knowledge bank and how they can be helpful for you. So, here are the plugins that we will learn in this article one by one.

  1. Web Docs
  2. BetterDocs
  3. Heroic KB Plugin
  4. Very Simple Knowledge Base
  5. Helpie WP
  6. Echo Knowledge Base
  7. MinervaKB
  8. WP Knowledgebase
  9. BasePress
  10. KB Support

1. We Docs

We docs plugin is one of the simplest and excellent WordPress plugins. This plugin will allow you to provide a knowledge base and documentation about the product or service. The WeDoces plugin is a free and open-source documentation plugin. With it, you can organize your documents. So someone can easily find the correct document. It is only possible when we provide a hierarchy and categories. With the WeDocs plugin, you can easily import your documents if you have already. In fact, this plugin works best if you have an existing library of support content that you want to provide. This plugin is also easy to use because it allows the pages of your document into sections, tags, and hierarchical docs.

WeDocs also has a simple interface that efficiently manages all the docs and supports files from one screen. It can work with all the WordPress themes, and it won’t require any additional templates. Somehow you have to go for a paid version for the interface provided by WeDocs. But weDocs plugin will work as supportive documentation for free with any of the websites. Besides that, this plugin is beginner-friendly. Anyone can easily manage all the documentation from the admin side. This plugin has first place in this article is, this plugin has the most straightforward interface, easy to operate, and accessible.

2. BetterDocs

BetterDocs is another most robust and straightforward knowledge base WordPress plugin. This plugin is beginner-friendly and easy to use. You will find both free and premium versions of this plugin. But if we look at the feature list and user interface, the BetterDocs plugin offers an impressive product. You will find many attractive and modern templates with premium versions. BetterDocs plugin also supports drag-and-drop page builder. With it, we can easily configure this plugin. In short, the BetterDocs plugin has all the features required to deliver quality support and documentation to visitors and customers. The page builder also supports widgets. We can create our own page layout and add all the knowledge base articles anywhere on the page using shortcodes.

BetterDocs plugin is compatible with all the WordPress themes. You’ll get extra features and support with the Elementor page builder. The better docs plugin also comes with a live search on the top of the page. It usually provides instant answers for the examinations for the most common user queries. Another most productive and notable feature is the Automatic table of contents. Anyone can create documents and add them to different directories. It will help your users to navigate to the required document quickly without having extra effort. So, with the powerful search system and directories system, you can reduce the support requests. Significantly, the pro version of the better docs plugin enables a faster and advanced search mechanism.

The BetterDocs pro version is available for $49 for one website. The developers can use this plugin on unlimited websites for $99 with one year of support and updates. Web developers can also go with a lifetime license with $249 on a complete website with lifetime support and updates.

3. Heroic KB Plugin

Heroic KB Plugin is another powerful knowledge base plugin for WordPress. This plugin is introduced by developers of HeroThemes that can add user-friendly documentations to any WordPress theme. Just like other plugins, this plugin also has a powerful search mechanism. It allows you to add all the knowledge base documents to your existing sites. It will help your users and visitors to find the answers to their questions quickly. For the search mechanism, this plugin comes with a fast AJAX search feature. With that feature, we can add real-time solutions, and it automatically generates results based on queries. Heroic Knowledge Base plugin has a simple interface. Visitors usually like quick access to support documents. You’ll definitely appreciate the interface. It’s easy to implement and manage all the documents.

Heroic KB Plugin also has many powerful features that are truly helpful. For example, this plugin has all the features that other plugins have. Such as Content categorization, this feature will help you display all the articles and documents in a manner. So users and visitors can easily find the answers to their queries. This plugin also has a drag and drop content ordering feature. That feature will help you to manage all the documents and articles in sequence easily. Other features like article attachments and widgets are available in the Heroic KB Plugin. One most important and unique features of this plugin are analytics and user feedback. These two features are helpful to improve the existing documents. Heroic KB Plugin has rough features to reduce the support and saves time.

Heroic KB Plugin is available for free but with limited features. There are 3 types of pro plans. The first is an essential plan for $129. This plan will work for 1 website, and you will have 1 year of support and updates. The second plan is the Plus plan which costs you $159 per year. This license can be used on 3 websites for one year with feedback and analytics features. The last one is the Pro plan that costs $379 with 5 website supports and more unique features like slack integration and priority support.

4. Very Simple Knowledge Base

Very simple knowledgebase plugin for WordPress

Very Simple Knowledge Base is a user-friendly and straightforward plugin for WordPress. In simple words, the Very Simple Knowledge Base plugin is one of the lightweight solutions for your website. This is a free plugin, and you will have different layouts and widget support. You can display all the existing posts and custom post types with shortcode support. It also allows you to display all the documents in multiple responsive columns. This plugin also has widget support to show the support documents anywhere you want. This plugin has all the essential features required in the Knowledge base plugin, like categories and multi-column support. You can divide your existing article and documents into different types. So your website users can find the answers to their queries quickly.

The Very Simple Knowledge Base plugin is one of the simplest plugins. This plugin does not contain all the features that you may find on other plugins. This is a free and lightweight plugin. One disadvantage of this plugin is this plugin does not allow you to manage the knowledge base. It will enable you to manage all the website content, so if you want to manage only knowledge base documents, you should try any of the alternatives of this plugin from this list. This plugin is listed because this is one of the most simple, ready to use and lightweight solutions for WordPress for free.

5. Helpie WP

HelpieWP knowledgebase plugin for WordPress

Helpie WP plugin is one of the most advanced and highly collaborative WordPress plugins. This plugin has many features that help create different types of knowledge base support documents. You can create product documentation, a private/public knowledge base, or a wiki website. Helpie WP is also one of the easiest ways to create knowledge base documents and share them with your users. This plugin is also capable of creating beautiful documentation websites for your products and services. This is a premium plugin that comes with some best knowledge base templates. These templates are modern, stylish, and ready to use. Helpie WP also provides deep insights into the article and users.

Helpie WP plugin has many more advanced features like publishing capabilities to manage edit and changes approve permissions. The most valuable part of this plugin is this plugin has an unrivaled search with partial matching. This plugin uses important factors like keyword-weighted sorting for the results with live AJAX support. This plugin is smart enough, and it adds content to tables. There are many more feature options available for the table of content. More than that, this plugin also provides two powerful user control features. You can either control access to specific user roles. You can also control the access by password protection. It also provides two different voting systems as additional features. One of them is Classic Voting, and another one is the emo-voting system.

Helpie Wp plugin is only available with the license version. You should buy the plugin from the official website. But before making a purchase, this plugin allows a seven days trial. You should use the plugin first, then you can purchase this plugin license. The premium plan starts from $69.

6. Echo Knowledge Base

Echo knowledgebase plugin for WordPress

Echo Knowledge Base Plugin is one of the most popular plugins of WordPress. This plugin is available on both Free and Premium plans. As usual, the free version provides limited functionality. But you can also use them with simple tools. This plugin is viral for adding Knowledge Base content to your website. The reason behind the popularity is this plugin’s interface. It’s too handfull and beginner-friendly. Even this plugin also supports add-ons that will help you to add more functionality. This plugin comes with multiple layout options for the knowledge base’s look. This plugin has 26 different predefined themes that will help you control your data a couple of clicks to save your quality time and effort.

The echo Knowledge Base plugin also has all the standard features which are required. Any knowledge base plugin must have some specific features like Live search results and feedback or opinion. These features will reduce support tickets, and people will find answers easily for the common queries. Indirectly it will affect your customer support quality and user engagements. Now, if we talk about premium features, this plugin provides Access Manager to control user roles. The premium version also has support for more predefined layouts, as we discussed. One most unique feature of the Echo Knowledge base plugin is creating more than one knowledge base. This feature is more beneficial for those who deal with more than one product or service.

The echo knowledge base plugin also supports tags and categories features. You can assign tags to assign them on specific categories or search keywords. The documents divided into specific categories will help your user to find the required content easily. This plugin takes this feature seriously because you can create a 5 level hierarchy with the types and documents. Article rating and feedback options are also available on the free version. You can analyze the ratings and feedback with the pro version. Then lastly, it also supports widgets with many options for display. The free version is available on the WordPress library. You can buy your required features, or you can purchase bundles of features for $50. Each plugin has a price range from $15-$45. The bundles will help you to have more features.

7. MinervaKB

MinervaKB Knowledgebase Plugin for WordPress

MinervaKB is a premium plugin that helps you to add a quality knowledge base for your product and service. It comes with a huge feature list and cully customizable support. One of the best features is the AJAX live search that provides complete control over the knowledge base content. You can divide all the contents and articles into different categories. That will allow your users and visitors to find the related answers easily. This plugin provides modern-looking layouts for your product or service content. MinervaKB plugin is one of the most famous WordPress plugins available in CodeCanyon. The rating for this plugin is near 4.95 stars and 85 reviews, and 1650 sales.

MinervaKB plugin comes with one essential feature called Instant search. The search mechanism also has different more than 5 theme options. This plugin also has support for Gutenberg blocks editor. This plugin also comes with an automatic table of contents generator. Customization support and configuring layouts of MinervaKB knowledge base plugin works simply with Elementor and Visual Composer. It easily integrates with both page builder tools and provides the best modern knowledge base content on your website. Even this plugin works great with WooCommerce websites. This plugin also has all the essential features like content restrictions and an analytics dashboard. You will also have like and dislike buttons. Your visitors can share their reviews with the controls. You can customize them as per your requirements. MinervaKB plugin also has support for feedback forms to provide the best content and support.

Moreover, this plugin also provides dedicated FAQ modules, so people can frequently ask questions. You can create an FAQ section for common queries related to your product and services. It will be more helpful to reduce the support tickets and provide quality support. It can also display estimated reading times for every content article. You can easily buy this plugin from CodeCanyon for $69 with a lifetime license and six months of quality support. Then you have to pay more for extra support for this plugin.

8. WP Knowledgebase

WP Knowledgebase

We have more than three free plugins listed in this article. But you said which one I personally choose as one of the plugins. The answer is the WP Knowledgebase plugin. Like the WeDocs plugin, this plugin also provides features that help you organize your content in a manner. You will already have a simple and powerful search system for all the support content. It also has tons of options for customizations. For example, enormous options for colors, font family, and sidebar layouts. It’s ultimately user-friendly. You can have modern-looking support documents, which are divided into categories and tags. You can also provide several articles or files in one class. The search system has a robust mechanism, so it will be beneficial for the support team.

WP Knowledgebase plugin is a free plugin and fully customizable plugin to have organized documentations. Its support pages are already responsive for all types of devices. So it will automatically adjust itself according to the devices. It has WordPress editor as a native article creator tool, and then we should divide them as per their tags and categories. And in a couple of clicks, you will create a Knowledge base for your product and services free of cost. With the pro version, you can enable User feedback support and Search analytics to your site to provide better support options. It also includes Widget support with the free version. Content restrictions are also available to restrict some users to some content types.

Now let’s see the premium plans and cost. You can find the free version on the WordPress plugin library. But there’s a pro version also available with extra features that reduce the support tickets. The pro version starts at $74 per license with additional supportive tools that help provide quick help and better support.

9. BasePress

BasePress for WordPress

BasePress can create a knowledge base that looks decent and helpful. It’s another freemium plugin. You can easily find the free version on the WordPress library. The premium version has extra cool features, but I suggest you try the free version. The free version also allows you to create multiple knowledge bases on your website. In simple words, if you want a simple plugin that supports developing multiple knowledge content bases. Then BasePress could be the winner because it is an ideal plugin with a free version. This plugin has all the functionality built-in. Just need to download and configure it with your content. It won’t take more than 5 minutes to set up. A completely user-friendly user interface.

A company with multiple electric products can use the free version if they don’t need a modern-looking and attractive knowledge base page. The free version has enough tools that help to produce multiple knowledge bases on one website. But if you want to give a look that matches your website. In this case, BasePress has some customizable tools also. You can create well-organized and logically divided content. Tags and Categories are also available for effortless finding answers. The BasePress plugin’s search mechanism is also powerful. It automatically provides entirely relevant results according to the search keyword. This plugin is responsive for every device screen like laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The content of the knowledge base is also helpful for SEO. This plugin is SEO-friendly.

There are more than 20 features available in this plugin. There are multiple layouts and designs available that are ready to use. You can add an Image for every knowledge base. Even icons can be a better solution. You can choose which one can describe the category better. Also you can add an icon to each article with BetterPress. You can easily reorder the article and section with a drag-and-drop builder. A search bar is available that provides live results as an effortless answer finding solution. In simple words, you can create any type of Knowledge base that matches up to your website. This plugin has everything that will be required for better Customer support and Content management.       The free version is available for free, and the premium version starts at $59.

10. KB Support

KB Support for WordPress

KB Support is the last and genuinely versatile knowledge base plugin of this article. This plugin is fully featured with many integrity and compatibility. KB Support is widely used to provide Product documents or any knowledge base. This plugin also includes Customer support tickets and a customizable knowledge base. This is the only plugin that offers this type of feature. For integration, this plugin also works great with the WooCommerce website. We can sell the products directly from the knowledge base page. It will help you to increase the sales for your products or services. The KB Support plugin is also capable of creating chargeable tickets. We can assign agents and managers that can handle multiple customers at a time. And it will be conducive for your customer service. Every time a customer needs to be registered to generate a ticket.

The customer’s latest data analysis will help you to grow your business. Moreover, this plugin also works perfectly with MailChimp services. You can sell online digital products because the Easy Digital Download Integration is also ready to use. We can provide various template tags for better search results for the document base. It also has Spam Protections tools built-in. Its support system is robust. It produces sequential ticket numbers for every support ticket. We can even create and customize the submission form with drag-and-drop easily. This plugin also provides user role management and always notifies them of their categories. We can also create an automated email service that offers excellent information about recent communications and updates.

KB Support plugin has 3 main plans according to their use. First is a starter plan that is mainly recommended for small businesses. You can buy the subscription for $74 per year. This plan is perfect for beginners. Then One plan is specially created for eCommerce stores that have $102 per year pricing. The last one is the Enterprise plan that costs $150 per year with all the unique features of the KB Support plugin.

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