Top 5 Best Directory Plugins for WordPress

By on October 11th, 2021

Directories delivers business or personal information based on a location or category. Yelp is one of the popular business directories that provides local business information. It also provides incredibly popular websites for consumers looking for specific brands, products, and services. However, to make a practical directory, you will need the directory plugins. Plugins will make your work easy by offering features and functionalities.

It will not only let you customize listings but also provides multiple support for payment collection. Another benefit of using directory plugins is, you can have various add-ons. Without plugins, you will need to purchase the add-ons separately. Ultimately that will tend to increase your cost. Thus, using the directory plugins for creating a powerful directory is the best option. In other words, the business directory plugins provide users with a list of nearby businesses. The list of business information will help the users quickly choose whether the product or company is a good option or not. Some of them also provide filters and advanced search options, so users can start engaging with the website and take their information of need about the local businesses.

WordPress directory plugins come with many features and affordable plans. Moreover, you will get the add-ons and integration as well. Add-ons and 3rd party integration make your directory more functional. From PayPal to Woo payment, you will have many payment support. Thus, users of your site can pay quickly for your products by any payment gateways. You can also have custom templates and forms.

Additionally, the mentioned plugins are free. However, if you want to unlock the add-ons and advanced features, you can purchase the premium version. However, some features are required in the WordPress directory plugin. The features are mentioned below, which you must have for creating the directory,

  • A directory plugin must have support for Various Payment gateways for payment collection.
  • It must provide enough tools and options for listing and moderate the old listing.
  • We also require Front-end submission options like requirement lists or search boxes for businesses or products.
  • The directory plugin must allow the use of the elements by Shortcodes and widgets for listing.
  • We also need some Rating and Review features like comments and start ratings. It will help other users to choose the best product or company as per their needs.
  • The SEO-friendly plugin is one of the essential features we want from a directory plugin. It will help us to rank our website higher with different search engines.
  • The Additional add-ons and integrations will help us to extend the website usability. It also helps to give more possibilities and functionality for your consumers.
  • The directory plugins also require some Various customizable form templates. So, Tools can be used to create a beautiful and attractive user interface.
  • They must have support for location-based search modules with maps. So we can provide quality information to the consumers.
  • One of the neediest features of the directory plugin is Media support. People actively trust the products and brands which have visual proofs like photos and videos.

Directories also serve as user-friendly databases, where they provide search bars, location information, and contact details. Even some directory plugins are also SEO-friendly. Eventually, your listing will rank on search engines if you use it with an SEO plugin. However, it’s very important to select a directory plugin that suits your website’s niche. Make sure the directory plugin you are going to use will fulfill your needs. So here, we have mentioned a list of the best WordPress directory plugins,

  1. Business Directory Plugin
  2. Formidable Form
  3. Geo Directory
  4. Connection Business Directory
  5. Directory Pro

Business Directory Plugin

Business Directory Plugin is one of the best WordPress directory plugins in the market. It provides custom directory templates and layouts. Also, the plugin offers a free listing for extra traffic. Additionally, you can get revenue with recurring subscriptions using various payment getaways.

The business directory plugin has a simple directory website setup process. The directories are built with SEO. So, the directory listing will rank if it is used with SEO plugins. Moreover, you will also get mobile-specific templates for mobile users. It will let you create custom fields. Business directory Plugin allows you to sort entries into categories and tags, create featured entries, and customize entry forms. It comes with many tools which are required from directory plugins like Discount code support and featured level. You can also embed a Google Map as a piece of business information.

The plugin is free to use. However, if you want to access more features and add-ons, it has a pro version. Also, the easiest directory website builder offers three premium plans – Basic, Pro, and Elite. The basic plan consists of PayPal integration, Unlimited listings, file uploads, and category images. You will also have a rating and review feature.

Moreover, you will get automatic updates and one year of support. However, the Basic plan only gives a license for a single site. Pro and Elite plans have advanced features than Basic. It even provides support for if you’d like to accept payments for business listings. So, let’s discuss all the features provided by this plugin.


  • The plugin is free and feature-rich. There’s an extensive add-on directory for upgrading your feature set.
  • Payment support is also included. So you can easily create multiple plans or charge for listings one by one. The plugin supports PayPal, Stripe, and PayFast options.
  • However, if you want to get the SEO plugins, you will need to purchase the premium version. You will have Yoast SEO integration in their three premium plans.
  • It also provides all directory themes in their Elite plan. It also offers different form fields with customization support. So, you can easily customize the template as well as forms and fields.
  • This plugin also allows media files and provides average image options. It also has enough tools which will enable changing the thumbnail sizes, adjusting the image orders, and an area to drag and drop images into pages.
  • You will get unlimited listings, one year, and updates and support in all premium plans.
  • You can upload a CSV if you already have an extensive list of businesses for your directory. This feature will allow you to keep your last directory plugin’s data to your new directory plugin.
  • A reCAPTCHA tool is a built-in feature of this plugin that prevents all of the spam on directories.


You will get the license for up to 5 sites and Google Map, Migrate & Backup feature in the Pro plan. You will also be able to provide discount codes to users. Pro plan costs $199 per year. If you want to have multiple payment gateway options, then you can buy an Elite program. The elite plan has Stripe and Payfast integration.

Additionally, you will use it on unlimited sites. Also, you will get all directory themes. Elite pan costs $299 per year. Business Directory plugin ensures a 100% money-back guarantee in 14 days if it doesn’t fit your site.

Formidable Form

Formidable Form is one of the best WordPress builder plugins. From contact forms to registration forms, it will also let you create and moderate the fields in the Form. Moreover, the plugin is also famous for providing directory and listings services. You will have a drag & drop feature to create forms. Thus, it will be easy for you to design any complex structures as well.

You can quickly transform the entries into listing, directories, and calendars using this plugin. It also provides 30+ add-ons. However, you can have only those add-ons which are included in your plan. So basically, you will have to purchase their premium version to use the add-ons. Using the real estate listings template, you can create a form that users will use to submit their entries into your directory. Then, you can display the business directory listings on a WordPress page. It comes with many premium add-ons to add more features and functionality to your WordPress business directory.

Using their repeater field feature, you can collect multiple sets of data in one place. Moreover, you will have various form templates that can be customizable. You can easily export and import the entries, forms, and styles. Visual form styler will make your work easy by providing multiple options. Unlike other plugins, this plugin allows you to add electronic signatures on the Form. Formidable form plugin also has Stripe, PayPal, and payment support. Additionally, you can add custom fields to Woocommerce product forms.

You can also customize pricing fields that make it easy to build and manage your online store. Moreover, you can also display charts and graphs from submissions. The plugin also allows you to schedule email notifications. However, this feature is included in their premium version. Using this plugin, you can get 3rd party integrations like monster insights, WordPress Newsletter. So, let’s discuss all the features provided by this plugin.


  • Formidable Forms fully supports many integrations like MailChimp, Mailpoet Newsletters, PayPal, Polylan Forms, WPML, and WooCommerce.
  • The Formidable Forms provides many types of customizable tools like Visual Form Styler and Custom CSS. You can easily customize all the elements of your website with tools. It also has support for Bootstrap Modals as well as Bootstrap Form Styling.
  • The plugin also lets you display charts and graphs from submission. Moreover, you can quickly moderate the pricing fields.
  • Using a repeater field feature, you can collect multiple sets of data in one place.
  • It also provides 30+ add-ons. However, it will require a premium version.
  • The plugin allows you to add electronic signatures to the forms. However, it also requires a premium version. Formidable forms provide this feature in the business plan.
  • You will have 80+ form templates in its premium version.
  • The Formidable plugin is flexible, and It will come with a lot of tools that make it easy to use. For example, CSV import/export, Custom Post Submissions, and Graphs, and Charts.
  • The plugin also provides third-party integrations like Monsterinsights.
  • The real estate listings template will help you to create a form that users will use to submit their entries into your directory.


Formidable forms plugin offers four plans – Basic, Plus, Business and Elite. The basic plan provides a license for one site. Also, the plan includes 10+ form templates, multi-page forms, and seamless styling. Moreover, the basic plan costs $39.50 per year. If you need the license for more than two sites, you can purchase Plus, Business, and Elite plans. E-signature and survey & polls are available in the Plus and Business plans. Business and Plus plans cost $199.50 and $99.50 per year, respectively. The Elite plan offers multiple payment gateways and Woocommerce integration. Also, you can easily purchase an Elite plan at $299.50 per year.

Geo Directory

Geo Directory is also another effective WordPress directory plugin. It allows you to create a location-based business directory like TripAdvisor, YellowPages. Using a simple interface, your users can submit listings to the directory. These listings are pointed on the map. Moreover, your users can search for locations, businesses, neighborhoods, etc. You can monetize your website by selling directory listings. Additionally, GeoDirectory also allows you to display event listings and add payment gateways.

The plugin has a front-end form for both regular users and merchants who want to add listings. The business pages are brought up in order of the proximity to the user. It will come with large, clickable thumbnails to the left beside the Google Map. They can also easily search for directions right from your website. There’s even a CSV import and export tool for filling multiple listings at once or moving them to another site.

GeoDirectory provides a lightweight, scalable interface. It’s one of the few free directory plugins useful for massive growth and lots of traffic. The developer also sells directory themes if you’re starting a site from scratch. So, let’s discuss all the features provided by this plugin.


  • There are 13 field types for creating your custom forms. But It also has full integration support with Ninja Forms. So, you can create complete contact forms.
  • The GeoDirectory plugin smoothly works with any theme or page builder. It provides the easiest way to edit WordPress pages. You can use them easily with different Page Builders like Elementor, Divi, Avada’s Fusion Builder, Beaver Builder, and many more.
  • GeoDirectory has a front-end form for submitting listings and editing those listings with a drag and drop editor.
  • It also provides extra features which are very useful for your business website. For example, it comes with badges support which allows you to add badges like new, featured, Recently Updated, Social links, and Videos.
  • Google Analytics information is shown for merchants with listings. This way, you can check how much your website is helping their business.
  • You will have over 15 widgets, and 12 widget areas are provided with the plugin. You also get some shortcode options.
  • The plugin is free to use. But you have various affordable add-ons for functions like custom Google Maps, AffiliateWP integration, list management, social importing, and more.
  • GeoDirectory plugin is also SEO friendly and provides important tools like Permalinks and RTL.
  • The plugin allows you to create location-based directories like Yelp and Yellowpages. Moreover, you can submit listings by users that can be pointed on the maps.


GeoDirectory comes with a monthly and yearly membership. You can purchase a 4-month membership at $99. Also, the plan includes add-ons, themes, auto-update, and premium support. The plugin also ensures a 100% money-back guarantee in case it doesn’t fit your site. The 6 Month membership costs $129 along with the same features as four-month membership. You can also go for annual membership retails for $199. However, you can also purchase a lifetime membership at $995. Lifetime membership doesn’t include auto-renewing and price lock features.

Connection Business Directory

Connection Business Directory is a powerful WordPress directory plugin. It provides various custom fields which can be used to create any web directory. You can easily set privacy levels for specific custom fields like business phone numbers or personal messages. Displaying your directory on the front end is very easy. You will need to add a simple shortcode to your directory page. The plugin offers custom shortcodes with multiple options to moderate the visual of your business directory.

Moreover, the Connections plugin also provides template support. Thus, you can choose a layout for your listings from pre-built directory templates. It also combines simplicity with advanced features and allows you to create anything from a small contact book to business listings. The WordPress directory plugin was build to be as compatible and configurable as possible, making it one of the more flexible solutions on this list. The support from the developers is also outstanding. The business model for this plugin provides various features for free. Then, you have access to several free add-ons. However, some of the add-ons include features for toolbars, logins, and birthday emails.

As for the premium version, you will find a list of options like a CSV import tool, an opportunity for more advanced forms, and a widget pack. The Connections Business Directory also offers excellent support for developers with open development going on at Github. It has over 180 action hooks and 300 filters. APIs are available for things like settings, email, and the fragment cache. Thus, the customization and scaling opportunities seem endless using plugins. So, let’s discuss all the features provided by this plugin.


  • Repeatable fields are shown for address, phone numbers, email, and other options. It means that you can add as much information as needed for your business listings.
  • Several premium templates are sold for constructing a unique directory that doesn’t necessarily look like a regular out-of-the-box directory.
  • The plugin is handy for developers who want to integrate into special systems or customize for a unique directory. The APIs are open for you to play with.
  • The plugin has excellent support for user directories, where information on people is stored in the traditional business directory.
  • The plugin has over 180 action hooks and 300 filters.
  • Add-ons provide toolbars, login, signup, and birthday emails features. However, to use the add-ons, you will require to purchase the premium plan.


Connection Business Directory plugin offers individual extensions. You can either purchase them separately or in the plans. The individual extension starts from $4.99 to $14.99. Thus, it’s very affordable if you want to use any individual extension. The plugin provides a templates pack that includes various templates with the license for multiple sites. The template pack starts from $29.99.

Directory Pro

Directory Pro is another popular WordPress Directory Plugin. The listing plugin seems to work best for local or worldwide business placement, with a page for your listing. The plugin supports various multiple payment gateways.

You can create contact forms as well. Directory Pro offers various email templates as well, unlike other plugins. You will have Paypal, Stripe, Woo support for payment collection. Users will be able to make recurring payments. The plugin is also SEO-friendly, so your listing will be ranked using SEO plugins. The plugin is compatible with WPML translate. In their premium version, you can also get the support Form plugin.

You can charge for your listing in various ways, including through a bidding system or when people book appointments. You can also set your users when they make reservations, view listings, claim listings, or even access the website. The bidding module works by asking companies to put in a certain number they’re willing to pay for the directory. So, let’s discuss all the features provided by this plugin.


  • The plugin is affordable and feature-packed. It offers a user-friendly interface with powerful features.
  • You can make an unlimited number of subscriptions for the companies listed on your site.
  • The plugin integrates with the Visual Composer plugin, so you don’t need knowledge about coding.
  • Directory Pro also has payment support and eCommerce tools integrations. It supports tools like Stripe, PayPal, WooCommerce, and MailChimp.
  • Users will also be able to make recurring payments.
  • Moreover, Directory Pro is also SEO-friendly, so your listing will be ranked using SEO plugins.
  • You will be offered various email templates as well, unlike other plugins.


This WordPress directory plugin, that’s sold through the CodeCanyon marketplace. Therefore, you pay $39 as a one-time fee. Moreover, you can upgrade your support length to 12 months for $12.57. You can also purchase the extended license at $125. An Extended License is required if the end-user must pay to use the end product.


Whether it’s an analysis directory or business information directory, users will require tools and custom features to create directories. To make your guide powerful, you will need advanced functionality. WordPress directory plugins will offer various features and tools to build a practical handbook. Moreover, you will also get multiple integrations. Every plugin has specific characteristics. Here we have mentioned the particular feature of each plugin explain above,

  • GeoDirectory: For offering the best local directory
  • Business Directory Plugin: For making your directory as powerful as Yelp
  • Directory Pro: For multiple payment gateways supports
  • Connection Business Directory: For custom features and templates
  • Formidable Forms: For efficient form builder along with advanced features.

Above mentioned WordPress directory plugins would help you to make a practical directory. The plugins provide various payment supports like Stripe, Woo Payment, PayPal, and The form builder plugins will also offer you tons of templates and form styles. You easily customize any forms and directory using the tools and options.

We hope this article will help you to choose the right directory plugin for your site.

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