Top 5 Best Survey Plugins for WordPress

By on July 30th, 2021

The Website owners often create a survey form to analyze public reviews about something. For example- imagine a product on sale online, now store owners want to take surveys about their product. It will help the site owner to analyze the data and grow your business. You can find many ways to collect feedback from visitors and other web users. We can add different types of forms like Polls and Contact Forms, and You can even ask users to leave a comment. But it’s not that easy; we have to create an Interesting survey that is engaging, fun making or entertaining. It would be best if you also made it easier to get maximum user participation.

This article will help you to find the Best Survey plugin for your WordPress site. This article will compare some of the best plugins, and we will also discuss the plugin’s features, pros and cons. There are so many plugins available that offer different types of survey forms. We have to choose which one will be suitable for you and edit them as per your requirement. These online polls and surveys offer a fun and easy way to keep your audience engaged. Even popular websites like BuzzFeed regularly use them to create viral content and increase their time on their website.

If you’re looking for the best survey or poll plugin, here are a few essential things we want with the ideal plugin.

  • It must be easy to use so that we can create the poll easily and quickly. 
  • These polls and forms must be good looking and attractive so they can attract more people.
  • These polls can be added anywhere on the website, like on Pages, Post or widget areas. Also to add the polls and surveys on the website must be an easy and quick process.
  • The poll plugin must be fast and reliable, and it should not affect the website loading speed or user experience.
  • It must have the graph and charts results so we can quickly analyze the survey’s data. Even the results can be displayed on our website.

So here is the list of some best survey plugins for WordPress. Let’sLet’s discuss every plugin one by one in brief.

  1. WP Forms
  2. Formidable Forms
  3. WP-Polls
  4. YOP Poll
  5. Gravity Forms

1.WP Forms

WP Forms to create polls on WordPress

WPForms is one of the most famous plugins which is available in the WordPress library. And its pro plan includes some powerful surveys and polls add-ons too. These powerful Surveys and Polls will help you to create engaging WordPress surveys in a couple of clicks. This plugin is also capable of adding these powerful polls anywhere on the website. And even it will display the results in beautiful charts. This plugin will offer you features like conditional logic and multi-page forms too. The most satisfying part is, this plugin will display the results on the same page when the user submits their vote.

This plugin provides you with a drag and drop interface to create a poll. We can add the fields which have single or multiple answers. This plugin also allows us to use images as poll choices along with the text. It will enable you to display the survey or polls anywhere on the page and display the result charts anywhere on display. Now, in case you want to export the survey data to use them in a presentation. Then it’s also possible with this plugin. So, let’s discuss some important features of this plugin one by one in brief.

  • This plugin can convert any form into a WordPress survey in just a few clicks.
  • The WPForms plugin provides a drag and drop form builder interface, and we can create the forms in just a few minutes.
  • WPForms plugin also allows you to use predefined survey forms for quick and easy market research.
  • This plugin allows you to easily create poll surveys and display real-time results anywhere on the website.
  • It supports all types of intelligent survey fields like Likert scales, star rating, multiple-choice and NPS.
  • This plugin also offers interactive survey reports for real-time insights within our WordPress dashboard. It provides stunning and beautiful pie charts, bar charts and many more.


This plugin offers four plans like Basic, Plus, Pro and Elite. To have survey and poll features, we have to buy the Pro plan, which costs around $200 per year subscription. This plan provides the maximum number of features like Geolocation, Paypal and Stripe payment, User Journey Reports etc.

2. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms for WordPress

Formidable is one of the best survey plugins, and it is an advanced surveys and polls form builder for WordPress. It offers a drag and drop interface so we can easily create survey forms. With the use of Formidable forms, we can create complex and straightforward types of forms. It allows us to use different kinds of form fields like Likert Scales, Radio Buttons and checkbox. We can even create more complex survey forms too. It’sIt’s visual poll styler allows us to customize the poll designs as per website design. We can use the features to create multi-page surveys and poll progress bars.

This plugin has all the advanced features that will help you create survey forms with Smart Question branching and review them before submitting them. It also provides beautiful and attractive graphs and charts. More than 300,000 websites currently use this plugin to create solution-focused forms. But other than surveys, it also provides many essential features related to forms and data collection methods. So, like every other plugin, this plugin also has its key feature list. Let’sLet’s discuss every feature one by one in brief.

  • It provides a drag and drop interface which is helpful to create complex and straightforward survey forms easily.
  • We can Split the complex survey forms into multi-page forms that save automatically.
  • We can show survey questions with conditional logic, also possible to send notifications.
  • It can display the result data with customer views without any PHP right inside WordPress.
  • The Formidable plugin also allows visitors to upload multiple files to the survey.
  • This plugin is fully responsive and mobile-friendly so that Visitors can access the surveys and polls from devices like mobile, iPad, iPhone and desktop.


The Formidable plugin is available as a free version, giving you a solid overview of what you can archive. But for better results, we have to go for a paid version which will start at $100 per year. 

3. WP-Polls

WP Polls plugin for WordPress

WP-Polls is a Simple and Free Poll solution for your WordPress website. This plugin will allow you to create simple surveys and polls and display them on your website. It can also display the surveys and polls anywhere on display, like on WordPress Pages, Posts and Widget areas. But it’s not like other options available in this article. The WP-Polls is not a form builder. We can use this plugin directly from the WordPress dashboard. We can add questions and multiple-choice options. Then we can display the survey or poll using a widget or an embed code.

The WP-Poll plugin also helps your user to select multiple options in the polls. This plugin will automatically show the results after the user submits the survey. In case you want to customize the polls, then the creator must require some coding skill. You can add a CSS sheet to change the themes of your poll. But it provides some custom template designs also. So, this plugin also has a feature list. Let’s discuss each feature in brief.

  • This plugin provides instant results of the surveys. It will help you and your visitors to see the results of attendant surveys instantly. It will also help you to engage the visitor on our site.
  • The WP-Polls is an open-source and free program. The different developers will also contribute some extra features to this plugin.
  • It is one of the most accessible plugins available in the WordPress library. 
  • This plugin has a clean and straightforward interface which is more effective, and it is a beginner-friendly plugin. It also has effective designs and layouts.
  • This plugin is also capable of adding the polls anywhere on the website, as we discussed.


It’s a free and Open-source program.

4. YOP Poll

YOP Survey/Poll plugin for WordPress

The YOP Poll is one of the best plugins for those who didn’t want to venture into the premium and paid plugins to do surveys. This plugin allows you to add surveys and polls to your website, and it’s free and easy to use. This plugin is a good choice when the sample data collection is all that is needed. The YOP Poll plugin’s interface is not that user-friendly but still easy to understand. It provides some basic templates which are free to use, and you don’t even have to deal with any codes. It’sIt’s a free plugin, but it has a maximum number of features. For example, it also allows you to schedule a poll in advance. 

All the designing and styling of the survey poll is done from the WordPress dashboard. Then, you have to choose the questions and answers, and you can give a text field or options like checkbox and radio buttons. You can also add more options like total votes allowed, the end date of this survey etc. It’sIt’s ready to go on the website. You can see the survey result in the same area from the WordPress dashboard. What’sWhat’s more interesting is we can choose these pages’ results as per your conditions and numbers. For instance, you can select your data as raw numbers or percentage on the dashboard.

Here are some of the best features provided by this plugin.

  • Survey Poll creating process is visual and straightforward. It allows customization of colours and quick field changes. Also capable of running more than one poll at a time and see every poll results on the dashboard.
  • It also provides automatic scheduling, which helps you to set a specific date and reveal the survey on our site when the time comes around. It also allows you to stop the survey at a particular time.
  • This plugin allows you to have multiple polls on the same website at one time. The plugin will show all the results on the WordPress Dashboard.
  • It allows you to search and filter past surveys, and you can sort them based on numbers.
  • These survey polls can be edited easily, and even you can create clones of these polls for future use.
  • Also, provide customizations that will help you to create a design that suits your website. The custom fields are also very appreciated, and it makes visual surveys without any additional codes.
  • It displays the result on the page when users complete the surveys. We can restart these polls by clicking only one button.
  • This plugin also supports blocking or banning users from accessing the surveys. There are also many archiving tools available that are very helpful to clear the interface.


The free version of the YOP Poll has a bunch of features. Then you can buy a $17 per year plan called a personal version. With the help of the premium plan, you can unlock advanced features like Video questions, Facebook Integration and countdown.

5. Gravity Forms

Gravity forms for WordPress

The Gravity Forms plugin is an old, well-known and trusted WordPress trusted plugin. It is capable of making powerful formas without any limitations. It has a user-friendly interface which also helps to create forms quickly. The key feature of this plugin is its drag and drop builder, it already provides more than 30 form fields, and it’s a beginner-friendly plugin. The Gravity Forms supports add-ons features, but the essential gravity form plugin can take primary surveys. The different feature add-ons will give you advanced features like survey results, user interactions and market search tools.

We can quickly create and design WordPress surveys with the help of a visual editor. Let’sLet’s discuss its features one by one in brief.

  • The Gravity Forms plugin has both drag and drops and visual builder support, and both are capable of making attractive and straightforward survey forms.
  • You can display any survey polls on our website by just clicking on the button. After that, the plugin will automatically render the updates without inserting new codes.
  • Over 30+ forms fields are available; also, several unique and standard field types are available. For instance, radio button, checkbox etc.
  • Also capable of receiving email notifications just after every survey response.
  • Condition forms are also possible with this plugin, and we can add and remove fields depending on the answers.
  • The plugin can show the survey results in the aggregated and organized collection of responses.
  • This plugin also offers limit and scheduled survey forms.


The Gravity Forms plugin doesn’t have any free version. If you want to use the survey options, you must have the subscription of gravity forms elite plan, which costs you $259.

Conclusion: Surveys are very easy to create if you are managing your site with WordPress. As you already know, Many form plugins also allow us to create polls and surveys on our WordPress site. In this list, We mentioned and explained the best 5 WordPress Survey or Poll plugins we could find in the repository or market. We have also mentioned the best feature a specific plugin is known to provide.

Select the best plugin according to your requirements. If you have questions, Feel free to let us know about them in the following comment section. We are happy to help you!

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