Top 5 Best Web Page builders for WordPress

By on March 14th, 2021

A newbie always faces problems while customizing the WordPress page layouts.

As we know, the Premium WordPress themes comes with lots of page layouts, but many of them are tough to customize for those who are not familiar with HTML and CSS coding.

Calm yourself down. Because, WordPress gives you various excellent Drag-and-drop page builder plugins that permit you to create custom website designs based on your choice if you are not technically sound.

To Conclude, WordPress page builders serve you every easy possible way to create, edit and customize your website layout without any code writing trouble. The main goal of this article is to introduce the top 5 influential and easy-going drag-and-drop page builders.

Here is the list of the page builders we are going to include in this guide.

  1. Elementor
  2. Beaver Builder
  3. SeedProd
  4. Divi
  5. Themify Builder
  6. Brizy (Bonus)

Let’s get started with the most popular and the most powerful page builder for WordPress.

1. Elementor

Elementor Page builder for WordPress

Elementor is an Israel-based Web development company established in 2016. In terms of years, it seems to be younger, but as age doesn’t matter, it has a Powerful drag-and-drop interface that allows users to experience remarkable live changes in themes or pages.

Elementor comes with more than 300+ ready-to-use designs and templates. It gives you Automatically Save, Undo, Redo in case you forgot to save it. Also, You can define your specifics like global colors, fonts, widgets, style, etc. You will be able to copy one item and paste it anywhere on the page.

In Elementor, everything is in the sidebar like page tiles, text colors, fonts, all the settings are in the same place. You don’t need jump out of the Elementor to adjust anything.

You can customize simple or advanced themes of your choice at any time without writing a single line of code. It also provides you the power to control anything on your page.

Similarly, The Elementor is a live page builder. Because, Whatever you are editing or adding on the page, you can see that at some time, and the same page live.

Here it says you forget about the preview button and stops hopping that how your site will look like once it’s done because you are already allowed to see every change on the temporary page.

Elementor has three tiers of pricing. The first tier is free for life. The 2nd is $49, and 3rd is $99 or $199 for thousands of sites which is a decent offer for a year.

It also contains the Popup-builder, which allows users to create Popups with advanced targeting options. You can also re-use the parts of the theme you are developing.

It invites you to create and manage the landing pages, Multiple form widgets, rating star widgets, countdown widgets, actionable links, etc., all in one deal for a digital marketing person in the same package most page builders don’t have.

The above reasons are sufficient proof of putting this on the top of the 5 WordPress page builders. The free version of elementor is powerful enough. If you are looking for a simple landing page design, you can use the free version of Elementor for sure.

2. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder page builder for WordPress

Beaver builder is the well-known, Drag-and-drop WordPress Page builder plugin. You can create some custom pages, posts, and many more things in a few steps.

You can choose from various themes or styles to modify them with the inbuilt customizer.

It has real-time Front End Editing tools which allow you to see live things going on your page. The text and images or building columns can be positioned and replaced easily with this tool very quickly. Click on the elements you want to edit and get it done with some easy steps.

Enjoy editing images, layouts, buttons, sliders, themes, colors, backgrounds carousel actions at the same time and same page. It has the capability of working on multiple sites simultaneously.

If you need to build the Ninja Forms and Easy Pricing Table, there is an excellent Shortcode and widget support option. It supports the default automatic update feature.

Beaver Builder provides responsive and mobile-friendly themes. If you are looking for an e-commerce site, the beaver builder is a fantastic option to create a Front store.

It enables the easy sharing of layouts with others through its import and export feature.

You can switch to another theme without losing the original content of your page. It will still hold your data if you decide to not use beaver builder temporarily. When you install it again, everything will be in place already.

Beaver Builder also gives the 3-tier premium standard subscription. For unlimited sites, it cost $99 per year.

3. SeedProd

SeedProd builder for WordPress

SeedProd is the best Landing page builder plugin in WordPress. Its drag-and-drop feature allows you to create the pages and layouts in a few minutes without any technical knowledge. You can create several landing pages, sales pages, options, coming soon, maintenance mode, webinar, events, login, and thank you pages.

Anyone can use its simple interface without technical knowledge. Pages built from the SeedProd are mobiles-friendly and responsive for all other devices.

Users can easily create beautiful layouts from its built-in library, such as header and call to action, without any prior experience of creative website designing or graphics designing.

SeedProd has smart integration with third-party email marketing service providers like the active campaign, Mailchimp, Drip, AWeber, Constant Contact, etc. These help you generate leads, traffics, and sales to the business.

The key factor to choosing it is it has built-in powerful security features which protect your landing pages from Spam, bots, and hackers. Apart from this, it has one more fantastic technology to convert your site’s lost traffic into leads. You can add a custom 404 page which probable you to recollect emails from a lost traffic.

If you don’t want to engage with the complex task of positioning the page’s element, use its layout navigation. It is known as Minimap of your page, which offers you to rearrange different sections, rows, columns, blocks and make easy access to the page setting.

Its Domain Mapping features allow you to create any random domain name on your landing page instead of the same domain name you already have on your website. The variety of color styles attracts you to customize it in your way.

Elementor also gives the experience to watch the live preview of how your page will look without saving it. We can say that SeedProd is a happy alternative to Elementor, but obviously, it doesn’t have any free plan like Elementor.

It has 4 tier premium plans which cost you $39 for single-site and $239 for 100 sites.

4. Divi Builder

Divi page builder for WordPress

Divi is another most powerful theme and WordPress Page Builder which allows you to quickly create or modify the design of your site. You can easily Add, Delete, and replace elements in the front-end interface.

It has almost every solution for the page building that a typical user is looking for. Diriv makes your editing easy. Save it as a draft if you don’t want to upload it instantly. Reuse and replace them in some clicks. Divi with Undo, Redo, and Revisions option makes your entire writing journey comfortable.

Other page builders like Elementor, SeedProd, Divi has elegant themes with drag-and-drop features, manageable global elements, and customizable designs. In the same way, Divi page builder has a user-friendly environment to build beautiful responsive sites or landing pages. A user can very quickly merge the visual design control with their custom CSS.

Design everything in front of your eyes and see the results at the front end instantly. Divi is very affordable page builder that provides you lifetime plan so that you won’t have to pay every month or every year.

$249 will get you lifetime access to the Divi, Extra, bloom, and Monarch, a beautiful business for 100 websites.

5. Themify Builder

Themify Builder for WordPress

Themify is an authentic Page builder for WordPress. As its name indicates, it is more of Designer themes. It has more than 1000+ themes to give your website a gorgeous touch.

Its Drag-and-drop page builder lets you create pages in a few minutes. Also, you can preview your editing live on the front-end interface. It also includes over 600+ google web fonts that you can use. This can be an excellent option for running E-Commerce websites and online shops for the small businesses.

Their drag-and-drop fairly runs on desktop, mobile, and tables or any other platforms as well. The Themify Builder is Flexible and sets out perfect control over your page and themes you are using.

The themify has a smart and broad styling panel that allows you to control every bit of your theme in terms of styling. Users can customize header and footer styles, background style, post title, the color almost covering each thing under the theme.

It also has multisite installing support.

It allows you to edit, delete and replace your pages and its element in some decent clicks from the admin panel. Also, It comes with social media icons for your page so that you don’t need to create your own.

Themify is closely coded with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind, which boosts your site ranking in the search results.

It is free to use with limitations. But these limitations are only visible if you are a pro designer. If you want to create a simple landing page with basic elements, You can feel free to use Themify builder. The pricing of the paid plan of Themify is a bit higher in comparison with other builders. It allows you to create one website for $69 USD.

6. Brizy

Brizy Page builder for WordPress

Brizy is one of the easiest page builders for WordPress. It does not provide you a lot of features and a lot of flexibility. But if you want to quickly create a page in very short period of time, you can use Brizy.

Brizy is a Free page builder and it also contains a list of ready-made templates that you can quickly use and modify to fit your requirements. It comes with many themes as they are dependent on Brizy to function.

It comes with 500+ templates and 4000+ icons to help you create a completely unique and awesome design for your new pages. Brizy also allows global styling and drag-and-drop.

There are over 80,000+ Active installations of the free version of Brizy. It has an average rating of 4.7/10 which is great for a free page builder.


Conclusion: So, these are the best page builders for WordPress. There are a lot of page builders with lots of different features and disadvantages. The 6 page builders we discussed in this article covers almost all kinds of development situations and requirements. You can now decide which page builder to use to create your next project. If you still can’t decide the page builder, try searching for “Oxygen builder”.

We hope you loved this list. If you have any questions, please use the following comment section to reach us. We will respond as soon as possible.

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