Top 5 Plugins to Create Comparison Tables in a WordPress Site

Posted on September 8th, 2023

Want to compare things on your WordPress site quickly? Our article introduces the top plugins for making comparison tables. These unique tables help you show info neatly, so people can see differences and choose what they like. Even if you’re new to websites, these plugins make it easy. Let’s check out the best options for making cool comparison tables that everyone can understand. But before that, let’s know the benefits and advantages of having a perfect comparison table on the website.

Advantages of Comparison Tables on Website

  1. Easy Decision Making: Comparison tables make it a breeze for visitors to understand the differences between options. Whether it’s products, services, or plans, having information neatly laid out in a table format helps users make informed choices without reading through lengthy descriptions.
  2. Quick Information Absorption: Users can quickly scan and absorb critical details with comparison tables. Instead of searching through paragraphs of text, they can focus on specific features, prices, or benefits, saving time and reducing frustration.
  3. Visual Clarity: Comparison tables enhance visual clarity by presenting data in a structured manner. Users can directly compare attributes using columns and rows, making it simpler to identify which option best fits their needs.
  4. Enhanced User Experience: Offering comparison tables improves the overall user experience on your website. Visitors appreciate a user-friendly layout that aids their decision-making process. It can lead to higher user satisfaction and increased engagement.
  5. Higher Conversion Rates: When users can easily compare different choices, they are more likely to move forward with a decision. Conversion rates can increase whether signing up for a service, purchasing a product, or subscribing to a plan.

This article explores the best comparison table plugins for WordPress. The plugins we explained in this article can be easily found in’s plugin library. Each of the plugins has its own features and user experience. So, if you’re looking for a Comparison table on your WordPress website, this article is for you. Please go through all the plugins and their features; it will help you to choose the best for your requirement. So, let’s get started.

1. TablePress

TablePress WordPress Plugin - Create Tables in WordPress

TablePress is a powerful tool for WordPress that makes your information look neat in tables. Over 800,000 people like it and use it. TablePress works well with WordPress 5.8 and newer versions and keeps working up to version 6.3. It’s also friendly with modern servers. Lots of users give it five stars – 4,421 of them! That’s a sign that people like it. Whether you’re sharing tricky data, showing off products, or giving any kind of info in tables, TablePress helps you do it quickly and makes it look great.

Free Features

  • Effortless Table Control: Seamlessly manage and edit your tables with ease. TablePress offers intuitive table management tools, allowing you to create, modify, and organize tables effortlessly.
  • Unlimited Table Creation: Create as many tables as you need without limitations. TablePress allows you to generate a total number of tables, enabling you to effectively organize and present diverse data sets.
  • Flexible Embedding Options: Easily embed your tables within your website’s content. Whether through the Block editor or Shortcodes, TablePress allows you to seamlessly integrate your tables into posts, pages, and various other sections.
  • Simplified Data Import and Export: Streamline the process of bringing and taking data out. With TablePress, you can import data from various file formats, ensuring compatibility with your existing resources. You can also export your tables for backup or sharing purposes.
  • Enhanced Customization with Formulas and CSS: Elevate your tables with advanced customization features. TablePress lets you incorporate formulas for dynamic calculations and apply CSS code for precise styling, enabling you to present data visually appealing and informatively.

Paid Features

  • Responsive Tables for Any Device: Ensure your tables look great on all screen sizes. With responsive tables, your data automatically adjusts to fit different devices, providing an optimal viewing experience for every visitor.
  • Sticky Rows and Columns: Keep key information in sight. Fixed rows and columns enable you to make specific rows or columns visible as users scroll through your table, ensuring important details are always accessible.
  • Interactive Buttons for User Engagement: Enhance user interaction within your tables. Buttons allow you to incorporate clickable elements, enabling users to trigger actions, reveal additional information, or perform tasks directly within the table.
  • Organized Row Grouping: Simplify complex data sets with row grouping. This feature lets you group related rows together, making it easier for users to comprehend and navigate intricate information.
  • Highlighting for Visual Emphasis: Draw attention to specific data points. Cell and row highlighting options enable you to visually distinguish important information, aiding users in identifying key details at a glance.

2. WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder WordPress plugin

WP Table Builder is a user-friendly WordPress plugin that lets you create stunning tables effortlessly. With the latest version, 1.4.11, WP Table Builder ensures your tables remain up-to-date and reliable for your audience. Boasting over 60,000 active installations, it’s evident that this plugin is a trusted choice. Designed to work with WordPress versions 4.9 and higher and rigorously tested up to version 6.3, WP Table Builder guarantees seamless functionality. Operating with PHP version 7.4 or higher, the plugin ensures compatibility with modern server setups. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to websites, WP Table Builder enables you to create visually impressive tables easily. Here we mentioned all the features. This plugin comes with Free and Pro versions, the only difference between them. The Free version comes with limited accessibility like Customizations and limited templates.


  • Drag and Drop Table Builder:
      • Easily create tables using a simple drag-and-drop interface.
      • No coding is required; build tables within minutes.
  • Prebuilt Table Templates:
      • Start with ready-made table templates for quicker setup.
      • Save your custom tables as templates for future use.
  • Import/Export Tables:
      • Import tables from CSV or XML formats.
      • Export tables to CSV or XML for convenience.
  • Advanced Elements:
      • Enhance tables with unique elements like circle ratings and styled lists.
      • Add eye-catching features to increase conversions.
  • Column/Row Separation:
      • Separate columns and rows for a neat and organized appearance.
      • Improve table readability by adding space between columns and rows.
  • Padding & Margin Settings:
      • Adjust spacing in tables using padding and margin settings.
      • Fine-tune the look and feel of your tables for optimal visual appeal.
  • Custom CSS Styling:
      • Apply custom CSS styles globally or to specific tables.
      • Achieve personalized aesthetics that match your website’s design.
  • Complete Background Color Control:
      • Take full control of background colors for rows, columns, and cells.
      • Customize the color scheme of your tables to suit your branding.
  • Sortable Tables on Frontend:
    • Allow users to sort tables directly on the front end.
    • Enable both vertical and horizontal sorting for user-friendly navigation.

3. Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables - WordPress plugin to create custom tables

Ninja Tables is a dynamic WordPress plugin that simplifies the creation of tables for your website. With its latest version, 5.0.2, Ninja Tables ensures a dependable experience for your users. This plugin has an impressive active installation count of over 80,000 and has gained recognition among WordPress users. Designed to be compatible with WordPress versions 4.5 and higher and rigorously tested up to version 6.2.2, Ninja Tables guarantees smooth performance. Supporting PHP version 5.6 or higher, the plugin ensures adaptability to modern server configurations. 

User ratings showcase its strengths, with 5-star ratings from 342 users indicating high satisfaction. Whether you’re a seasoned website owner or new to the field, Ninja Tables equips you to create tables efficiently and effectively. Here we mentioned all the free and Paid features.

Free Features

  • Versatile Table Creation:
      • Build various tables to suit your needs, from pricing and comparison tables to employee, schedule, and product tables.
      • Effortlessly design responsive tables that adapt to any screen size for optimal user experience.
  • Unlimited Data Tables:
      • Create as many data tables as you require, ensuring you have the flexibility to organize and display diverse sets of information.
  • Specialized Tables:
      • Craft purpose-driven tables tailored to your website objectives, including pricing, comparison, and employee tables.
  • Mobile Responsive Design:
      • Ensure your tables look great on all devices by making them responsive to different screen sizes, enhancing user engagement.
  • Enhanced SEO and User Experience:
    • Generate SEO-friendly tables that contribute to your website’s search engine visibility.
    • Present product specifications effectively with specialized tables like Amazon affiliate product and product comparison tables.

Pro Features

  • User-Friendly Table Creation:
      • Craft captivating WordPress tables from scratch with Ninja Tables, utilizing its intuitive drag-and-drop table builder.
      • Enjoy the flexibility to design tables catering to your dashboard data visualization needs.
  • Template-Based Convenience:
      • Utilize pre-made templates to expedite your table creation process, saving time and ensuring a polished look.
      • Customize table designs according to your preferences, matching your branding and website aesthetics.
  • Dynamic Charts Integration:
      • Elevate your tables with the visual appeal by seamlessly integrating charts, making data interpretation and insights more accessible.
  • Seamless Integrations:
      • Collaborate with Fluent Forms integration, enabling a smooth connection between your tables and form submissions.
      • Benefit from Stackable compatibility for responsive and visually pleasing tables across different devices.
  • Efficient Data Management:
    • Facilitate easy data movement with import-export functionality, allowing you to manage table content efficiently.
    • Enhance user interaction with buttons and ratings, and improve table organization through cell split and merge capabilities.

4. Pricing Table

Pricing table WordPress plugin

Meet the Pricing Table plugin, your website’s gateway to creating eye-catching pricing tables. With its latest version, 3.2.4, this plugin ensures up-to-date and reliable functionality. With over 20,000 active installations, it’s clear that WordPress users value its features. Designed for WordPress versions 3.6 and higher and tested to version 6.3, the Pricing Table plugin promises smooth performance. 

Impressively rated with 97 users giving it five stars, this plugin is trusted by many. Whether a seasoned web user or new, the Pricing Table plugin makes crafting appealing pricing tables for your products and services. This plugin comes with Free and Pro versions. The free version has limited use and functionalities like Limited Customization and Couple of Pre Designed Templates.

Pro Features

  • Block Editor Integration:
    • Designed exclusively for the WordPress block editor.
    • Add the pricing table block, fill in the details, and publish effortlessly.
  • Simplicity and No Coding:
    • Create responsive pricing tables quickly. No coding is needed.
    • Ideal for users of all skill levels, building professional tables in minutes.
  • Responsive Design:
    • Responsive pricing tables adapt to any device seamlessly.
    • Ensures your tables look great on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization:
    • Built-in CRO best practices for practical pricing tables.
    • Guides you towards creating tables that convert visitors into customers.
  • Design Flexibility:
    • Works with any WordPress theme, adding versatility.
    • Customize table appearance with color and font pickers and native design settings.
  • Seamless Integration and Reusability:
    • Use in post editor or plugin dashboard, even with page builders.
    • Save tables as reusable blocks for easy use in multiple posts or pages.

5. Responsive Pricing Table

Responsive Pricing Tables in WordPress

The Responsive Pricing Table plugin is a simple solution for crafting pricing tables on your website. It brings a “Pricing Tables” tab to your admin panel, streamlining the process. Quickly enhance your plans with features, select colours, and more. Display your price table anywhere using a shortcode. It’s straightforward: what you create is what you see. Plus, it’s free. With 79 users rating it five stars, it’s well-received. The plugin is currently version 5.1.7, with over 20,000 active installations. It’s compatible with WordPress versions 3.6 and up to 6.1.3. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this plugin simplifies the creation and display of pricing tables.

Free Features

  • Unrestricted Free Version:
    • The Free plugin comes without any limitations, offering full functionality.
  • Flexible Field Customization:
    • Customize plans with fields like title, price, recurrence, features, etc.
  • Color and Style Control:
    • Personalize plans by assigning unique colors and custom CSS classes.
  • Enhanced Presentation Options:
    • Highlight recommended plans for better visibility.
    • Control currency sign display or replace it according to your needs.
  • Font and Alignment Flexibility:
    • Adjust font size presets and title alignment for a cohesive design.
    • Control links’ behavior and font styles for consistent presentation.

Pro Features

  • Flexible Price Toggle:
    • Offer pricing options with toggles for monthly or yearly plans.
    • Allow users to switch between pricing structures based on their preferences easily.
  • Pricing Plan Equalizer:
    • Balance and present pricing plans uniformly for a fair comparison.
    • Ensure each plan is visually appealing and easily comparable.
  • Enhanced Designs/Layouts:
    • Access new and captivating design layouts for your pricing tables.
    • Make your pricing tables visually engaging and unique.
  • Feature Tooltips:
    • Provide detailed information using feature tooltips (info bubbles).
    • Explain plan features comprehensively, helping users make informed decisions.


In conclusion, these top WordPress plugins offer a range of user-friendly features to create compelling comparison tables. TablePress provides versatile customization, WP Table Builder integrates smoothly, Ninja Tables offers flexibility, and Responsive Pricing Table adds a touch of style. Whether you need pricing, product features, or other data showcased, these plugins make it easy to enhance user experience and engagement on your website. Choose the best fit for your needs and start creating impressive tables today.

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