Top 10 Best Donation plugins for WordPress site

By on August 2nd, 2021

For non-profit organizations, it’s essential to collect donations. Donations are required to keep running the social services and helping hands. However, it’s quite a difficult task to ask for donations online. If you have a WordPress website, then you can easily do it using plugins. WordPress plugins provide the easiest way to collect donations. Non-profit plays an essential role in helping society make a positive change. To spread awareness, many non-profit organizations have to rely on their website. The websites which collect funds digitally. However, many non-profit operates on a limited budget.

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t stop them from running a powerful website. Plugins offer numerous features and add-ons to make your task easy. Using donations plugins, you can raise the company’s funds. Without plugins, the process of getting paid online isn’t easy in WordPress. 

Donation plugins accept payments in different currencies. It also creates multiple campaigns for people aware of campaigns. Moreover, non-profit organizations get paid by donating from various sources. By default, WordPress doesn’t accept any payment. It integrates a quality payment plugin. Sometimes, donors also prefer to donate online instead of cash. Paying donations online is hassle-free. That’s why they prefer to pay online.

Moreover, an online donation can reduce fundraising costs. That attracts more supporters. Everyone desires, these days, a secure and convenient donation. That’s why the WordPress plugin for donation comes into place to fill up the gap. You can provide a preferred payment gateway and method to users. Thus, it becomes for users to contribute to support your product. 

The vital aspect is offering the easiest way to donate for campaigns. If you are running charity events, then donations are an essential part of it. Even if you are running a website and seeking funds, you can use donations plugins on your website to raise funds. Some people also do contribute if you are providing unique and meaningful content. They also go for monetary donations. So, Donations plugins are an effective way to inform readers that you accept donations. Over 60% of donors prefer to donate through online methods.

The most preferred medium to donate for the Millennials and Generation X are online. Increased usage of mobile payments like Apple pay, android pay has also increased online fundraising. These WordPress plugins help you to accept online charitable donations. It makes your fundraising efforts a lot simpler and more manageable. However, you need to select which one will be right to use. We have listed plugins that are the best to use for donation on WordPress sites.

List of Best Donation Plugins for WordPress

For non-profit organizations, It becomes difficult to raise funds digitally. But if you have WordPress plugins, then you can easily ask for donations. The people who are willing to support your campaign will indeed contribute. Thus, you need to provide them easy payment methods to contribute to your campaign. Here, we have mentioned the best Donation Plugins for WordPress.

  1. GiveWP – Read the Full GiveWP Donation plugin guide
  2. Smart Donation
  3. Donation Manager for WordPress
  4. Easy PayPal Donation
  5. Donorbox
  6. Seamless Donation
  7. WooCommerce Donations
  8. Charitable 
  9. Donation Thermometer 
  10. PayPal Donation

1. GiveWP

GiveWP WordPress Donation Plugin

GiveWP is one of the popular donation plugins for WordPress. Many non-profit organizations use the plugin to accept donations. The plugin has affordable plans compared to other plugins. Moreover, it comes with lots of features in their basic plans. This plugin lets you create custom donation forms in WordPress. Thus, you can easily set up one-time donation options. The features consist of multilevel donations, incentives, and tax-deductible donation receipts.

You can manage both online as well as offline donations. The plugin has email service integration. Thus, you can easily communicate with contributors about upcoming campaigns. If you have an online store with Woocommerce, add a donation upsell on the checkout page. 

GiveWP has Google Analytics integration too. Hence, it’s easy to do eCommerce tracking using this plugin. You can also add goals, terms, and conditions alongside the option to donate considerable amounts. This plugin offers over 15 payment gateway options. You will be able to check the full-featured reporting of your donation campaign.

Moreover, you can have various display style options. GiveWP offers a free plugin with multiple features. However, if you will use additional features, then you can upgrade the plans. The Basic and the Plus plans give you a license for one site. At the same time, the Pro plan gives you a license for five sites with premium features and add-ons. Let’s understand all the features briefly, and you can see the list below here.


  • One of the essential features of the donation plugin is considerable payment gateway support. So, the GiveWP plugin has multiple gateway support within the plugin. You can choose your payment gateway, or you can choose it from the options like, Stripe, Paypal Pro and many more.
  • The GiveWP donation plugin also has full-featured reporting support. It can provide you with complete charts and reports of your donation form performance. It also provides key performance indicators.
  • The GiveWP plugin also provides a Powerful Donor Management system. It can keep track of the donors directly from the WordPress Dashboard. It also provides top donors with their donation history and all the support notes. 
  • Now This plugin is also great because it provides multiple display options. You can choose from the different form designs, as well as it also provides variants of different styles. It provides standalone pages, buttons, modal popups etc., with the help of this plugin, and you can also set custom goals on donations which can be used to get more help.
  • Another essential feature of this plugin is, the GiveWp plugin can import and export the data. You can keep your old donation plugin or sites data by uploading it to this plugin.
  • Now, a donation website also needs some marketing support. So, the GiveWP plugin also has powerful integrations with marketing platforms. You can use any of them, and it supports MailChimp and Constant Contact.


The GiveWP plugin is available with three types of plans. The first plan is the Basic plan which costs you around $249 annually. Within this, you will have all the essential add-ons for one site. Then another plan is the Plus plan which is available for $360 per year. This plan offers all the premium add-ons for one website. Both plans have priority support for one year.

The final plan is the Pro plan which costs you around $499 per year. This plugin will support all the premium add-ons, as well as you can use this single license for five different websites. This plan also comes with one-year premium support. 

2. Smart Donation

Smart Donation plugin for WordPress

Smart donation is a straightforward donation plugin for WordPress. You can set the goal and convince visitors to contribute to the campaign. It also provides various buttons for your site and, you can place it anywhere on the site with a widget interface. You can get a full analytical track record of donations. Thoughtful donations also provide recurring donations. The plugin runs with buttons, but you can also create forms for more info. 

Donation walls are also available on this plugin. Thus, the top donors are appreciated by the website for their contribution. Smart donation supports multiple payment gateways for donations. The personal plan of the plugin offers a single site license. At the same time, Pro and unlimited plans give licenses for three and unlimited sites, respectively. So, let’s take a look at all the features of this plugin. Here, you can see the list of all the features provided by this plugin.


  • Smart Donation plugin offers a feature that will help you to set the goals. You can reveal campaign progress and show customers how close you’re getting to the Foundation’s goals. This tool also encourages your visitors to donate.
  • This plugin provides many customization tools. So, you can choose from the default themes or forms and, you can customize them as per your website’s appearance.
  • As we discussed, this plugin comes with an analytics tool. So, It will help you to check what kind of elements work perfectly and which strategies do not. You also have options for an analytic tool dashboard. You can choose your design and also can show your goal in different ways. It can track which goal is the best.
  • This plugin has the easiest way to collect the extra information of the donor. You can easily create a form which can get all the details like Address, Phone etc. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use.
  • The Smart Donation plugin can also create Recurring Payments. Many donors and users like to make recurrent donations, and this plugin will help them with automated and recurring payments. It’s easy to set up also.
  • With the help of this plugin, you can create Top donation walls. It will encourage your users to donate.


This plugin is available as both free and premium plans. But, there’s one thing to know about this plugin is that the free version is useless. You need some advanced tools for customization and making more attractive forms. There are three different plans available, all plan’s prices are reasonable. The first plan is a personal plan which costs you around $20, and you can use this plugin with only one website. 

Another plan is the Pro plan which costs you around $30, and this plan can be utilized on three websites. Then an Unlimited plan with unlimited site support. Its price is $50. 

3. Donation Manager for WordPress

Donation Manager for WordPress

The donation Manager plugin is also a very easy-to-use donation plugin. It handles donations on a website and supports multiple payment gateways. The main feature that stands out is the unique payment gateway support. You can connect to gateways like InterKassa, Skrill, AlertPay, EgoPay, and Payza. Recent donations are shown on the page if you want.

There’s a “target to reach” field to give people an idea of how much more money is needed. Users can even has the freedom select the payment gateway they want to pay through. You can easily set the goal and amount for donations. Several payment gateways are supported. It has also integrated the Thank You Enhanced extension. This plugin is also translation-ready for accepting donations. 

The WordPress Donation manager is one solution for those who don’t want to work with PayPal. It can display recent donations on a page if you want to display it. Just like other plugins, this plugin also allows you to create and show the goals with its progress. It also shows charts and visuals so users can understand easily. It also encourages the visitors to donate. Now, one crucial feature of the plugin is that the user itself can choose their payment gateways. So, we also create a list of all the features. Let’s briefly discuss, one by one, all the features.


  • The WordPress Donation Plugin supports several payment gateways. It almost supports every payment gateway which is unique or specific to the region.
  • Just like other plugins of the article, this plugin also provides set goal features. It can help you display the numbers of remaining donation money. This type of visuals can encourage people to donate.
  • One of the unique features is, this plugin allows you to send the Thank You message to the donors. It’s a nice feature because after donating money for some social work, all they need is a Thank You with a smile.
  •  This plugin is translation-ready or multilingual. It is capable of accepting payments from all over the world.

Pricing Details:

Donation Manager Plugin is not available as a free version. But this plugin is available on CodeCanyon. You can buy this plugin for a nominal price. Buy this plugin’s regular version for $19, then $6 for 12-month support. You can even buy the extended version for $95.

4. Easy PayPal Donation

Easy PayPal Donation plugin for WordPress

Easy PayPal donation is another best free donation plugin for WordPress. The plugin offers a PayPal option for donations. It’s easy for users to contribute using PayPal accounts or credit cards. You will have seven template designs. However, Easy PayPal Donation provides customization options in templates. This plugin aims to provide a seamless connection with the PayPal account.

Users will have recurring monthly donation options like GiveWP. If you would like to explore customization options, then you need to buy Pro plans. To enable recurring donations, you will be required to upgrade your plan. This plugin works with any WordPress theme. It supports 18 languages and 25 currencies. You can test the plugin with a PayPal sandbox account. 

The PayPal donation plugin provides you the flexibility to show the donation button anywhere on the website. People can easily use their credit cards and PayPal account to donate money. One of the most efficient features of this plugin is its simplicity. Its interface is so straightforward that anyone from any country can use their PayPal account to donate.

The plugin itself will give you complete instructions about the configuration process of the sandbox. You can also create fake accounts for testing purposes. The support system can request the issues and questions. So, let’s discuss all the features of this plugin. Here, you can see the list of all the provided features.


  • The PayPal donation plugin provides a dashboard on the WordPress admin area. It shows all the numbers like Total Donations and total donors.
  • This plugin also provides Button Manager with seven types of Button templates. You can even create a donation button as per your design. Then, you can display it anywhere on the website, like pages and posts. It provides simple shortcodes, and you just need to paste the shortcode at your required place. With the Paypal Donation plugin’s help, You can also upload your custom button and use them as your donate button.
  • As we discussed, this plugin has built-in support for 18 languages, as well as 25 currencies. In other words, you can use this plugin for any currency or country.
  • As we discussed, this plugin provides a sandbox feature. It will help you to test the donation system.
  • Now, People and users can also choose to make the recurring monthly PayPal donation. With the help of this plugin, you can give notifications, and many people love to donate, so it is a good option for them.

Pricing Details:

There are only two types of Pro plans available with this plugin. The First PayPal Plugin’s Premium plan is a Personal plan. You can use the personal plan’s all the features for $39 per year. It can be used on one site and also provides a three-day trial. Then another plan is the Professional plan which costs you $119 and also with unlimited site support.  

5. Donorbox

Donorbox - State of the art recurring donation system in 15 minutes for WordPress

Donorbox is known for the best donation form plugins. The plugin works for WordPress as well as any standalone websites, unlike other plugins. You can easily set up one-time donations and recurring donations. Multiple payment gateways are available on this plugin. Donorbox allows you to accept payment by credit cards and other payment gateways.

Payment platforms include ApplePay, Google Pay, PayPal. It also supports ACH bank payments for international donors. Donorbox is packed with multiple features in its free version. You will have donation popup forms, multi-currency support. The complete donor management feature includes donor wall, tax receipts, and donor profile.

However, the pricing of this plugin is quite expensive compared to other plugins. You can double your donations with its seamless employer donation matching feature. It is also able to accept free donations monthly up to $1000. You will require to pay a 1.5% processing fee which Paypal and Stripe add. The plugin also charges fees for email marketing and CRM integrations.

Nevertheless, this plugin comes with higher security in the payment structure. Donorbox has charges according to donation-raised limitations. So let’s discuss all the features of this plugin. Here you can see the list of features provided by this plugin.


  • The Donorbox plugin offers one of the neediest features for a donation plugin called fast checkout. It accepts almost all the online payment methods and quick checkout processes. The visitors and donors can also donate money via the most popular payment gateway like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal Express and All the Bank payments.
  • The Donor Box comes with a bundle of features that works perfectly with a Donation Plugin. For example, it allows Monthly, Annual, and Weekly Recurring donations. It also supports Multi-Currencies so that you can receive online donations from anyone. 
  • This plugin also offers customizations, and you can even set a donation form on a Popup onscreen. The form supports more than 11 languages so that you can create a multilingual forum for other languages. It also comes with Social Media support and a Donor wall. You can directly share all the donation details on any social media network like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Just like other listed plugins, this plugin also comes with Goal Meter. With the help of this feature, you can easily share your fundraising process with the world. The Goal Meter can be a part of your website, and you can embed it separately.
  • The Donorbox plugin has a powerful Donor Management system. It also provides a profile to every donor to use logon and manage their recurring donation plans. This donor management system can collect all the information about the donors. It also provides different filters to sort Donors and other criteria.

Pricing Details:

The Donorbox plugin has some different prices according to other listed plugins. This plugin just charges on the number of donations. For Example, If your donation amount reaches $500, then the Donorbox charge will be $7.5 and around $14.5 will be charged by payment gateways as a processing fee. The charges will be increased as the donation amount increases. 

If the donation amount reaches $1,000, then the plugin will double the charges. In this case, the Donorbox charge will be around $15, and gateway fees will be $29. If we simplify it with a percentage, the donor box charges 1.5 percent of the amount and the gateway charges, which will be around 2.9% + 30 cents.

6. Seamless Donation

Seamless Donations - A platform for Global fundraising and rebuilding

Seamless donation is a powerful free donation plugin for WordPress. It offers complete control to collect and manage donations within WordPress. Like other plugins, seamless donation supports PayPal. Users can easily contribute using their PayPal accounts or credit cards. This plugin allows one-time as well as recurring donations.

Users will have options to select campaigns for contribution. Unlike other plugins, this plugin sells add-ons like Thank you Enhanced and Giving Level Manager. It is fully packed with features like multiple extensibility and custom post-type options. It supports 25+ currencies and 8+ languages. The seamless donation allows you to track the donations and donors. 

If you have specified the UK as your country, then it will enable the gift aid. Hence, the plugin is free and feature-packed. Plugin’s user interfaces are also user-friendly. It will not take more than 5 minutes to make your first donation. Seamless Donation does not even take any charges or commissions. It even allows you to configure the recurring donations for stripe and PayPal.

The interface provides a dashboard that can track donations and donors. This plugin also supports many extensions like Colorful Donation Forms, Thank You enhanced, delete Monster, etc. This plugin is secure from Spams and other unnecessary malware. Also, capable of collecting almost all the currencies available in the world. So, let’s understand all the features briefly. You can see the feature list down below.


  • The Seamless donation plugin is a free plugin, which comes with a bunch of features. It is a beginner and User-friendly interface. This plugin has the easiest way to install and configure it on your website. It allows donation via two Payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.
  • The seamless donation plugin does not have any membership charge or any fee. It does not even charge any commissions. So, you can have a complete free donation plugin ready to use.
  • This plugin offers complete responsive forms which are already looking modern with any type of device. For more customizations, you can buy more extensions like Beautiful Donation Forms and Colorful Forms because an attractive form can encourage people to Donate.
  • It can completely track the donation amount as well as the donors. Then, you can use all the other WordPress tools to manage the numbers of the donation dashboard.
  • This plugin also provides some appreciation email templates. You can set up In honor of donations and send customized Thank you emails. Orit also supports Thank You Enhanced extension, which will help you display custom thank you page personalized for each other.
  • One more important feature of this plugin is extension support. There are so many extensions available that are very useful to manage the Donation Plugin’s data and other things efficiently.

Pricing Details:

The Seamless donation plugin is free. You can easily download this plugin from WordPress Library.

7. Woocommerce Donation Plugin

Woocommerce Donation Plugin for WordPress

Woocommerce Donation Plugin is a popular e-commerce donation plugin for WordPress. If you are running an online store and want to start accepting donations, you must try this. The basic functionality adds a donation as a regular product. Where the customer then adds this product to the shopping cart, pays for it. And they don’t get an actual product in return. The other option is to include a donation field in the shopping cart itself.

It prompts customers to donate a little extra, on top of what they’re paying for already. Reports are delivered on the backend. You can decide how much of your revenue is from donations and regular products. This plugin doesn’t change anything in the online store. 

The WooCommerce Donation Plugin just gives you a chance to contribute to your online store. You can have the Donation field consist of a drop-down with predefined values. There is a blank field for people to type in their donations. Campaigns can be named for better tracking. Woocommerce Donation plugin doesn’t charge any transitional fees. So, Let’s understand all the features provided by this plugin. Here is the list of all the features. 


  • The Woocommerce Donation plugin can accept donations in wooCommerce with any amount. Clients or donors can donate any amount they wish. You can even mention some amounts so the client can choose a specific amount for donation.
  • The donated amount will show up on the WooCommerce cart as a product. It also provides detailed reporting about the donations directly to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Another good feature about this plugin is easy to install and configure. You can quickly start using this plugin, also if you’re a beginner. This plugin provides all the help and support quickly.
  • You just have to install the WooCommerce Donation plugin. It will automatically add a Donation button to show up in the cart of your store.

Pricing Details:

The WooCommerce Donation Plugin is readily available at the CodeCanyon website. This plugin is not available as a free version, but it is also not too costly. The plugin’s price is about $19 for a lifetime membership. You have to pay extra for the support, and it costs $6 for 12 months. This plugin is also available with all the extensions for $75.

8. Charitable

Charitable - The Top-rated WordPress Donation Plugin

Charitable is an effective donation plugin for WordPress. It allows you to accept unlimited fundraising. The plugin does have a custom amount option for donations. So, either you can go for a fixed amount or a custom amount option. The basic plan of the plugin is free, but it doesn’t provide payment gateways.

You need to upgrade the plans to enable payment gateways options. In the pro version, you will get newsletter signup forms too. Charitable support PayPal as well. You will have online as well as offline payment methods. With more than 10,000 active installs, Charitable boasts a 5-star rating from its users. Unlike other top donation plugins for WordPress, it doesn’t charge any processing fees.

Charitable has many email marketing and newsletter integration. You will have recurring donation options. It has peer-to-peer fundraising with WordPress. That allows supporters to create campaigns for your organization and personal cause. It doesn’t cost any additional transaction fees. You can also upgrade the plans to unlock the additional features. Pro, Agency, and lifetimes plans are also available with additional features. 

Moreover, if you face any difficulty with the plugin service, it will return the money within 30 days. So, let’s discuss all the features of this plugin. Here you can see the list of provided features by this plugin.


  • The Charitable plugin is easy to use, and the interface is beginner-friendly. The developers of this plugin have the confidence that you can collect your first donation within 5 minutes.
  • The charitable plugin is secure, and it also offers many Important tools which provide security. It also hides all the donation and donor information. Because a charitable website never contains sensitive data.
  • This plugin comes with a payment gateway, so you don’t need any developer to configure a gateway for you. This plugin also offers a neat and user-friendly interface to make the donation process easy.
  • You can create Unlimited Campaigns and donations forms with the help of this plugin. It provides the freedom to create specific donations, like for orphanages or animals.
  • The Charitable plugin has the most straightforward user interface, and you don’t need any extra extension or add-on. It also allows you to create and edit Donations in the dashboard.
  • This plugin can work with any WordPress Themes and also plays nicely with wee-built WordPress themes.
  • The charitable donation plugin also provides easy customizations. You can customize the online donation process completely with this feature.

Pricing Details:

The Charitable plugin is available as four different plans based on different uses. The first plan is called Charitable Plus plan, which costs you around $129 per year with one-year support and updates. This plan supports almost all the payment gateways, and it comes with a 10% renewal discount. Then the second plan is the Charitable Pro plan, and you can have this plan for $279 per year. This plan already contains all the features of the Plus plan, and there are extra tools also provided.

The third plan is the Agency plan, which costs you around $359, but you can use this same license for five websites. Then the Lifetime plan is the last one which is also the costliest plan. It gives a lifetime license and support with $699, but a subscription can be valid for up to 1 year and only used only for one website.

9. Donation Thermometer

Donation Thermometer for WordPress

Donation Thermometer is a classic and free WordPress donation plugin. This plugin uses a thermometer style parameter to display the collected funds and targeted amount. It’s a deal plugin for sharing your fundraising campaign with visitors. It also motivates them to contribute to the campaign. A donation Thermometer is perfect for organizers to check their goals in the campaigns.

The thermometer plugin is fully customizable for colors, text, currency, and meter size. You can use a shortcode to display the donation thermometer in your posts and pages. All settings are easy and manageable within WordPress. This plugin doesn’t help you accept any donations. You can only use it along with any other plugins mentioned in the article.

You can only check the reports of donations and campaign advertising. A donation thermometer is a free plugin. To use the thermometer, you just need to copy and paste the shortcodes. It also allows customization so you can create custom widgets according to your website design.

You can also hide the elements which you don’t require with the widget. You can customize the entire widget content by changing numbers on shortcodes. But automatically takes the values in this case. You’re using this plugin with a WooCommerce store. So, there are many more advantages and features available. Let’s take a look at all the provided features.


  • The Donation thermometer plugin is free. It has all the features which are required from a Donation Plugin. Thousands of individuals and organizations are currently using this plugin, and they are satisfied with it completely.
  • The Straightforward and Beginner-friendly interface only takes 5 minutes to install and configure the plugin. Within 5 minutes, you can accept our first donation.
  • This plugin also allows complete customizations, and unlimited thermometers can be made with this plugin. You can also customize the thermometer as per your website design and which can blend with your website.
  • This plugin supports both types of value change. You can manually edit the thermometer shortcode’s values, or it can automatically take the value from the store or donation settings.
  • So, you can also hide some parts of the widget called thermometer. This feature will help you to create a neat and clean widget with only the required elements.

Pricing Details:  

This plugin is an open-source program, and you can easily download it from the WordPress plugins library.

10. PayPal Donation

PayPal Donation plugin for WordPress

PayPal Donation is another free WordPress PayPal donation plugin. It raises funds for charities and non-profit organizations. You can use the shortcodes to add the PayPal button on your website. Like other PayPal plugins, it lets you connect WordPress to your PayPal account. Other settings already included with the plugin like multiple currencies, localization, and multiple button sizes.

You will have 15+ language translations on this plugin. You can also use sidebar widgets for adding the PayPal button. It also provides the option of comprising currency and custom payment page style. PayPal Donation is also a free plugin along with many additional features. So, let’s discuss all the features provided by this plugin. Here is the list; let’s discuss each in brief.


  • The PayPal donation plugin has a simple and easy user interface. You can add a PayPal donation widget anywhere on the website, like Sidebars. You have to paste the shortcodes.
  • This plugin has the freedom to choose the Donate button. The PayPal plugin provides some unique style buttons, and they’re free to use. But, you can also use your custom icon. 
  • PayPal donation plugin also comes with many features like Currency support and Multilingual, Custom payment page styling.
  • You will easily find the Widgets on your WordPress Widget Area. Choose the widget and copy the shortcode or add them from the Widget tab section.

Pricing Details:

The PayPal donation plugin is available on the WordPress Library, and it’s a free plugin. You don’t need to buy the plugin, or it doesn’t charge any commissions.


Raising funds digitally is quite a tricky task. To make it easy, you can go for donation plugins. Above mentioned plugins are fully packed with features and add-ons. These plugins provide various payment gateways like PayPal & Google. However, you need to go for pain plans if you want to unlock more payment options. 

Not all plugins have recurring donation options in the free version. And only a few of them have email marketing integration as per the feature comparison table. 

There are many free donation plugins available in WordPress Directory. However, it’s very challenging to select a suitable donation plugin. You need to check the functionality and some features mentioned here,

  1. Functionality – Check the critical features of plugins.
  2. Payment gateways – Check if the plugin is providing various payment options or not.
  3. Currencies Support – Plugins should have the multiple currencies support.
  4. Ease of Use – Check if the plugin has user-friendly setting options.
  5. Responsiveness – Check if your donation page is accessible via additional add-ons.
  6. Customization – Check whether it lets you design and create donation campaign forms.
  7. Affordability – Paid plans are affordable, along with features you need.
  8. Customer Support – Verify the plugin has a support team available.

You are required to check above mentioned features to choose the right plugin. Some plugins do include email marketing and newsletter integration. That way, you can communicate with your donors for the upcoming campaign. GiveWP and Easy PayPal Donations plugins are mostly preferred due to cheap plans and features. They also allow you to track the complete analytics of donors and donations.

We hope this article will help you choose a suitable donation plugin for your WordPress site. If you have any questions, Please use the comment section given below or contact our awesome support staff for quick help!

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