Ultimate Member – A membership plugin for WordPress

By on June 19th, 2021

Ultimate Member - User profile and Membership plugin for WordPress

Ultimate Member is the most favorable user profile and membership plugin for wordpress. It gives you a wide range of functionality, that allows you to add delightful user profiles to your site and creating modern online communities with ease. The installation and setup process is straightforward with tons of options allowing you to tweak things you like, and that’s why it’s a trusted plugin over 200,000+ websites

You can increase your plugin functionality by using tons of extensions like user notes, profile tabs, user location, display online users, and many more.

Ultimate Member lightweight theme is completely mobile-friendly and fully integrated with other extensions, so you can easily design your site using ‘Elementor’ or other page builders.

It offers plenty of features that can enhance your site. let’s have a look at the best features provided by the ultimate member.


1. Front-end user profiles

Add attractive user profiles to your site which can be fully customized to your site’s requirement. The user profile includes user info, user bio, display name, profile permalinks, and more.

2. Front-end user login

Users can easily log in from the front end of your website. If the user forgets the password, then the login form provides a password reset link, which helps the user reset his password. The login form is fully customizable including changing button text, applying custom styling, and much more.

Login form comes with triple anti-spam protection which includes:

  1. A hidden honeypot field
  2. Time delay on submit button

3. Front-end user registration

Users can easily register from the front end of your site. After registration, you can redirect to a custom URL or their profile. You can create multiple registration forms across the website so each user role has a unique registration form.

You can also add a role selector field before users register the form or you can assign them to a default user role when users sign up for the form.

4. Member directories

You can allow users to find each other with ease using the plugin advanced member directories. You can manually select which user is designated to show in the member directory. Any user who doesn’t have the role will be excluded from the member directory.

Ultimate member provides a range of sorting options like newest user first, and oldest user first, alphabetically, and more. You can turn on the search option if you want users to perform a custom search of other users.

5. Total access control

The plugin allows you to restrict access to your site both globally and page post basis means you can decide either your site available to everyone or for logged-in members. You can restrict posts or pages so that only logged-in users can see them.

If your homepage is a landing page for sign-ups and users try to access the homepage then you can simply redirect to the custom page.

6. Custom form fields

The plugin provides a variety of form field types that will allow you to collect a wide range of data from users. You can set the following field types to your forms:

  1. Privacy level
  2. Error message
  3. Password field
  4. File uploads
  5. Star rating and more.

7. User emails

Ultimate member provides customizable email templates that provide extra flexibility to communicate with users.

You can send the following event-specific email when certain activity happens:

  1. Account welcome email
  2. Account activation email
  3. Password reset email
  4. Pending revied email
  5. Account-approved email and many more.

Yet so many features are there that will boost your site capacity in a matter of minutes. You can make lots of ideal sites like tutor sites, fan sites, dating sites,s, etc by using this plugin.

Let’s look at plugin settings by installing the plugin on WordPress.

Plugin settings

Install and activate the plugin

First, install and activate the Ultimate member plugin from the plugin directory.

Install and Activate Ultimate Member plugin for WordPress

Upon activation go to the wordpress dashboard and click on Ultimate member > Settings in the left sidebar menu.

General settings

General Settings in Ultimate Member

This will take you to the configuration area of the plugin. From here you can set up your plugin and configure the whole process. From the above image, you can see several tabs under settings.

General settings include page, users, account, and uploads.

  1. Pages: In the page link, you can tell the plugin on which page/post you want the membership page for your website.
  2. Users: Here you can set profile permalink, user display name, and functions that you want.
  3. Account: Account tab allows you to set user account functionality according to your needs.
  4. Uploads: The upload tab gives you total control over user images like how much image size you want for a profile photo, profile photo thumbnail, image quality, etc.

Access Settings

Access Settings in Ultimate Member

Here you can set allow access to content like post/pages and other taxonomies like tag, category, etc.

Email settings

Email Settings in Ultimate Member plugin

In the email tab, you will see a long list of email fields. Click on the gear icon located on the right side of the page to customize the email template, so whenever any event happens plugin will send an email to users.

Appearance settings

Appearance settings in Ultimate Member plugin

The appearance tab contains four links which are profile, profile menu, registration form, login form. Here you can change the layout as per your requirement like a template, width, icons, etc.

Mics settings

Misc Settings in Ultimate Member plugin

The mics tab allows you to set the front end, title, and meta description for the user’s page. The plugin allows you to change these settings in a dynamic way for each user on your site.

Install info

Installation information in Ultimate Member

Install info tab gives you all the current installation information for the plugin. You can download the file of install-info if you need it.

Pricing plans

Ultimate Member pricing plans

The ultimate member comes with 3 plans including the free version of the plugin. The plugin offers you 30 days money-back guarantee. if you don’t like the product or service then let him know before 30 days, they will pay you 100% of your money without any questions.

It’s time to think beyond membership. Ultimate members help you stand out by its amazingly exceptional features and functionality. The features and the overall plugin is awesome! You can get started with the Free plan and it will be Free Forever!

We hope this tutorial was helpful for you. If you have any questions, please let us know in the following comment section. We are happy yo help!

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