How to Unblock IP Address from WHMCS Using PhpMyAdmin?

Posted on January 22nd, 2018

WHMCS only allows three invalid login attempts from an IP address by default. After the three failed login attempt, the local IP address will be blocked on the server. After some predefined time, the blocked IP address will be removed from the database. We can also manually remove the blocked IP address from the database. Here we are going to discuss how to unblock the blocked IP address from WHMCS using PhpMyAdmin.

If we want to remove blocked IP address instantly, then please do the following steps:

1) Log into cPanel.

2) Go to ‘Database’ tab.

3) Click on ‘PhpMyAdmin’ option under ‘Databases’.

Unblock IP


4) Select the WHMCS database.

5) Browse the table “tblbannedips”.

Unblock IP


6)  Click on ‘tblbannedips’ and search for the banned IP address

7) Click the ‘Delete’ button.

Unblock IP


You can also unblock banned IP address from the WHMCS also. This can be done by selecting the setup option from WHMCS. Then go to other option under setup and then select the Banned IPs. Choose the Add option and enter the IP address which you want to unblock. Then click the button Add Banned IP to save the changes.


If you need any further help please do reach our support department.

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