Uncanny Automator: Put your WordPress site on autopilot

By on June 19th, 2021

UnCanny Automator - Put your WordPress site on autopilot

Uncanny Automator is the dynamic way to automate your wordpress site without any programming knowledge. You just need to create a “recipe” that connects one action to another, which means one activity automates another activity with triggers and actions.

You can choose any combinations of triggers to initiate any combinations of actions from over more than 50 WordPress plugins and services. For example, if user purchases a product then send an email as an action. There are billions of recipe combinations that are possible. If you have spent lots of time doing repetitive tasks, putting your site in automation makes development costs much economical and also saves admin time.

Recipes are the basic component of the uncanny Automator. following are the 2 types of recipes.

  • Logged-in recipes: only logged-in users become part of automation. For example, users register for an event triggered, which then fires an Enroll user in an event action.
  • Anonymous recipes: these recipes can be triggered by both anonymous user and logged-in users mean who didn’t logged-in or anonymous user also become part of automation.

Creating a recipe is an easy process. Let’s look at how to use an uncanny Automator to create a recipe that automates your workflow.

Creating a recipe

Install and activate the uncanny Automator plugin. Upon activation head over to “Automator >> Add New” to create a new recipe.

List of all recipes

The plugin asks you whether you want to create a logged-in recipe or an anonymous recipe. Choose an appropriate recipe type as per your requirement.

There are 3 main sections on a recipe page which is “Recipe Title”, “Triggers”, and “Actions”. These 3 sections are mandatory for any recipe creation. The ‘recipe Title’ is not visible to the users but it helps you to identify a recipe.

Create a Recipe in Uncanny Automator

For an illustration, we will be sending an email to the user when they purchase the product. For these, you need to select triggers that initiate action.

To add any new trigger to a recipe, you need to choose integration. For instance, we select the initiate woocommerce plugin to integrate. A list of triggers supported for that plugin will be displayed.

You will be asked to select any one of the events that trigger your activity when an user purchases it.

Select triggers in Uncanny Automator

You can place your product in the blue color highlighted text in the trigger. Select your product and click on the Save button to continue.

If you set another product by mistake and want to delete the trigger, click on the 3 dot icon on the top right area of the trigger and select delete.

Now it’s time to set an action section. You can see different options based on what type of recipe you choose.

In the action section, select wordpress to send an email. The events that are listed below will be different depending upon whether you use the pro version or not and what plugins you installed.

Select an action in a Recipe

After choosing an action, fill in the required details required to initiate mail like ‘user name’ or ‘user email’.

If the plugin needs any value, it will be displayed on the box with the blue text in the action line.

Send an Email as an action in Uncanny Automator

After filling fields, click on the ‘save’ button to store your action. One thing keeps note that you need to test your recipe before getting live and make sure that it performs the tasks very well.

The recipe is now ready to run and for that, turn it on by switching the toggle button located under the ‘Recipe’ box.

Take a Recipe Live

You can check your all recipe by visiting Automator >> Recipe log in your WordPress dashboard area. This helps you identify and track your automation task happening in the background.

See Recipe Log in Uncanny Automator

By using the UnCanny Automator, you can integrate many of plugins like never before. This will help you reduce your daily task and maintain your workflow in a proper streamline.

Uncanny Automator comes with 4 plans but even a free version gives you a flexibility to integrate more than 50 plugins and some common WP triggers and actions like ‘User view a page’, ‘User submit a product’, ‘Send an email’, ‘user login’, and many more.

That’s it. We hope this plugin would help you to automate your WordPress website in an easy and in a convenient manner. If you have any questions, please let us know in the following comment section. We are happy to help!

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