Update Contact Information and Preferences in cPanel

In this documentation, we can discuss about the basic steps involved in updating your cPanel contact information and preferences. CPanel requires that you use an email address where you can be reached for important system notifications like disk quota warning, change of preferences, external logging, password changes, and more.

Follow the steps below to update your contact information and preferences.

1) Login to your cPanel interface.

2) Click on the icon ‘Contact Information’ from the ‘PREFERENCES’ category.

Contact Information


3)  A new page will be opened and here you can update your contact information. Here you can enter your preferred primary and secondary email addresses. The system uses these email addresses to notify you about new information that occurs within your cPanel.

Contact Information


There is also an option to enter your Pushbullet access token, if you want to receive notification through Pushbullet.

4) You can also set the contact preferences from the Contact Preferences section. The Contact Preferences section of the interface determines which of the following notifications cPanel will send you:

  • My contact email address changes.
  • My account approaches it’s disk quota.
  • My account approaches it’s bandwidth usage limit.
  • Any of my account’s email accounts approaching or is over quota.
  • My account’s password changes.
  • Someone logs in to my account.
  • An external account links to my account for authentication.

Select the check boxes for the notifications that you want to receive.

Contact Information


5) After updating all the required information click on the ‘Save’ button.

Contact Information


If you need any further help please reach our support department.