How to Update WordPress Manually via FTP

Posted on September 22nd, 2016

In this documentation, we can check how to update WordPress manually using FTP.


Download WordPress

Download the most current WordPress release documents from the WordPress site to your PC.

Update WordPress


Extract WordPress documents

Extract the compressed document that you just downloaded to an area on your PC.


Find the records in your FTP client

Open FileZilla, or another FTP customer of your choice and find the envelope where you saved the WordPress records.


Login by means of FTP

Sign into your web space by means of FTP.


Erase two folders

Erase these folders from your web space:




Upload the folders

Transfer the folders wp-includes and wp-admin from your PC to your web space, supplanting the ones you just erased.

Update WordPress


Overwrite records in wp-content

Open wp-content and transfer the records and envelopes in this folder from your PC to the comparing folder on your web space. You overwrite the current documents, however keep some other records and envelopes that are there.

Note: The wp-content envelope contains your modules and topics so make a point not to erase any records and folders that are as of now there!

Update WordPress


Transfer singular records

Transfer all individual establishment records that are not in a folder from your PC to your web space, supplanting the current documents.


WordPress updated!

You have now done a manual upgrade of WordPress.

On the off chance that you have overhauled to a newer WordPress form, you may need to redesign your database. If so, you will be requested to do so when you sign into WordPress.


If you need any further assistance please contact our support department.



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