Updating or adding a credit card to https://my.interserver.net

By on October 23rd, 2015

To place a credit card on file for services like VPS and Cloud log into https://my.interserver.net. Once logged in go to the billing -> update personal information option which is on the top menu bar.

Once there you can change billing between paypal and credit cards. By selecting credit cards you can place a credit card on file. You can also enable or disable automatic payments. If automatic payments are enabled, all new invoices will be automatically charged. However, old invoices that may still be opened must be manually paid.

To pay an old invoice, or if automatic billing is not enabled go to the same billing menu and select view balance. From this interface you can choose pay with Credit Card or Pay with Paypal, and select invoices you with to by. By default, all invoices are selected for payment.

You may also refer the following video tutorial about how to add a credit card.

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