How to Upgrade Apache Using EasyApache

In this documentation, we can learn how to upgrade Apache using EasyApache.


1) Login to WHM.

2) Click on the option ‘Software’.


3) Select the icon ‘EasyApache3’.


4) Select the Apache version you would like to build.


5) Click the button ‘Next step’.


6) After you click, ‘Next Step’ you will be brought to the next page. Here we can change the PHP version and click the button ‘Next Step’.


7) Click on the option ‘Save and Build’ to upgrade the Apache version.


8) A pop-up window will open to confirm your action. Click the button ‘Ok’ to accept the changes.


9) Then you will see the build page. Please note that Apache rebuild will take almost 45 minutes.


By following the aforementioned steps listed in this documentation, using EasyApache will allow you to easily upgrade Apache

If you need any further assistance on this topic please reach our support department.