When should you upgrade from VPS to a Dedicated Server?

Posted on March 30th, 2017

Both VPS Hosting Plan and Dedicated Hosting Plan are almost similar. How do you know when you should upgrade from a VPS to a Dedicated Server?

First let’s check what is VPS Hosting and What is Dedicated Hosting.


VPS Hosting Plans

A VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) is a shared server platform that mimics all features and functions of a Dedicated server. A VPS will have it’s own operating system and customers will get access with full administrative privileges. This means you can install anything upon it and customize to how you see fit. It is much more affordable and economical than a dedicated server. The whole process of provisioning, upgrading, and downgrading a VPS is quicker compared to a dedicated server. Most of the process are automated and can be managed from my.interserver.net


Dedicated Hosting Plans

A dedicated server involves a physical machine that you own. It is similar to your PC and desktop computers that you may own at home or at the office, but with high end hardware and better resources. Admins at our datacenter will do server provisioning, upgrades, and any other hardware related issues. If you want to learn more about our datacenters and network, the details are available in the following links.

Datacenter : https://www.interserver.net/about/datacenter.html

Network : https://www.interserver.net/about/network.html


1) If you need a system with extreme performance

As previously mentioned, a VPS is a shared server platform that mimics all features and functions of a Dedicated server.  However with a vps you are sharing resources of a physical server with other customers. If you need superior performance then you should move to a Dedicated Server.


2) If you want to host an Application or Operating System that doesn’t support virtualization

There exist operating systems and applications that do not support virtualization. If you are trying to install any of those applications or operating system, then your only option is to select our Dedicated Server Plan.


3) If you want extreme reliability

Suppose if someone is performing a DDoS attack on one of our VPS. It will impact the performance of the physical server resulting in every customer on the vps to experience the same issue. If you want to avoid this particular issue, we suggest purchasing a dedicated server.


4) If you want more Disk Space, RAM, CPU Cores and other resources

There are limitation for disk space, RAM, and other resources when you purchase a VPS. ( https://www.interserver.net/vps ) If you want more resources, consider upgrading to our Dedicated Hosting Platform.


5) If you are trying to run an untested application

If you are building something or trying to run an untested application, it is better to do it on a dedicated server platform. If your application cause any issues and starts affecting our physical server then we may need to suspend or shutdown your service without notice. A dedicated server is a standalone server in which you can do and test anything in it.


6) If your traffic is getting heavier

Are you receiving  more incoming traffic which can result in a high server load? First, consider adding more VPS slices. If you reached the maximum number of slices and traffic continues to increase, then it’s time to upgrade to a Dedicated Server.


If you need any additional information or assistance regarding this topic, please contact our support department. Our support is available 24×7 via email, chat, and phone.


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