How to Upload a Website in Plesk?

In this tutorial, we can learn how to upload a website in Plesk panel. To do this, please follow the below-given steps:

1) Login to Plesk control panel.


2) Click on the option’ Subscriptions’ from the left-hand side of the panel.


3) Click on the option ‘Open in Control Panel option’ to access the domain.

4) Click on the icon ‘Website & Domains’.


5) Click on the icon ‘File Manager’.


6)  All the files and directories uploaded can be viewed here. Website related files are uploaded in httpdocs directory.


7) To create a new file, click on the button ‘New’ and select the ‘Create File’ option with the desired name.

8) For creating a directory click on ‘Create Directory’ option with the desired name.

9) Files can be uploaded by clicking the ‘Upload’ button and browse the required file or by creating a file and press the ‘OK’ button to save the changes made.


If you need any further assistance please contact our support department.