Using FTP Connections Over TLS

Posted on October 23rd, 2015


Trouble-free servers (Linux/FreeBSD) Support FTP connections over TLS. Many common FTP programs do not support FTP connections over TLS however. Some examples which do are lftp (linux/freebsd) and SmartFTP (windows). FTP over TLS will give you 128-bit encryption over TLSv1. You should pick ftp over SSL explicit. If you are behind a firewall you may need to open ports 131 and 194. Important NOTE: You must connect to FTP over TLS using the server hostname, not your domain name. The SSL certificate is generated for the server hostname and would fail otherwise. In this tutorial, we can discuss about how to connect FTP over TLS in FileZilla.


How to Connect FTP over SSL/TLS in FileZilla?

1) Open your FileZilla client.

2) Navigate to Files >> Site Manager.

FTP over TLS


3) Click on the option ‘New site’.

FTP over TLS

4) Fill up the required details.

HOST: Enter Hostname (i.e. ftp.yourdomain .com) or IP address that you received in the Welcome mail.

PORT: 21 (21 is the default FTP port, you may keep it blank).


ENCRYPTION: Select the option ‘Required explicit FTP over TLS’ from the dropdown box.

LOGON TYPE: Select ‘Normal’ from the dropdown.

USER: Enter your FTP username.

PASSWORD: Enter your FTP password.

FTP over TLS


5) Click on the ‘Connect’ button for a temporary connection. You can click on the ‘Ok’ button to save the details. Now you have established FTP connection over SSL/TLS in your FileZilla client.

FTP Connections


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  1. Akhilesh Gangwar says:

    I want to implement client ftps. Right now I am using ftp and able to communicate with the server using the commands usr, pswrd, psv, etc. Now I want to use ftps. How to enable ftps on the client-side and how to exchange the certificate file between client and server?


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